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Schenectady County Holds Red Cross Blood Drive in Honor of National Blood Donor Month


Help Save Lives:‍ Schenectady⁤ County Hosts Blood Drive

Working in partnership with the American⁣ Red Cross, Schenectady County recently hosted a successful ‍blood drive to help combat ⁣the national shortage of blood supply, which is often exacerbated⁣ during the winter months. The initiative was launched in recognition of January being National Blood Donor Month.

County Legislator Michelle Ostrelich, who chairs the health, housing, and human services committee, ‌expressed gratitude to the donors and emphasized the importance of maintaining⁣ an adequate blood supply, especially during the challenging winter ⁢season. “One donation can help multiple‌ people,” Ostrelich stated.

This ⁤year marked the second ⁣annual winter drive⁢ organized by the ‍county to encourage donations during a time of high need. In the previous year, ⁣43 units were collected, contributing to the national goal of collecting 13,000 units daily. Anne Philippi, the local account⁣ manager for the Red Cross, highlighted the urgency of the situation,⁣ revealing a national shortage ⁣of around 7,000 units.

Community Support and Impact

Community members from across the region rallied to⁢ contribute to the blood supply. José Diaz, a college student from Queensbury, made a special trip to Schenectady to donate blood, emphasizing the simplicity and impact of the act. “It feels good knowing something so simple ​is so helpful,”​ Diaz remarked.

As of Thursday morning, ​approximately 30 people had registered for the drive, with additional spots available for last-minute donors ​to ⁣sign up⁣ for afternoon appointments. The winter season presents unique challenges ‍for blood donations, as inclement weather often hinders the ability of donors to ⁣attend scheduled drives.

Anne Philippi underscored⁢ the ongoing struggle to meet the demand for blood, noting a 40% decline in blood donors over the past two decades. “We can’t manufacture blood,” Philippi emphasized, highlighting the critical need for new donors to sustain‍ the blood supply.

Become a Lifesaver

Most blood drives⁣ require appointments, and interested individuals can find nearby drives and sign up online at Red Cross – Give ‍Blood. The impact ⁢of blood donations extends to a wide range of individuals, from accident victims ‌to⁣ cancer patients.

Donors like José Diaz find fulfillment in receiving updates on the impact of their contributions.‌ “I actually⁣ really enjoy those emails,” Diaz⁢ shared. “When they show you⁣ ‘Oh here’s how many lives you saved at ‌what hospitals.’ It’s nice.”

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  1. Disagree. It’s great that they are holding a blood drive, but promoting blood donation should happen throughout the year, not just in one month. Lives are at stake every day.


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