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Trump will remain on Washington state ballot as group urges Justice Department to investigate Democrats


OLYMPIA, Wash. — A judge has ruled⁤ that Donald Trump​ can remain on Washington state’s Republican presidential ‌primary ballot, despite efforts to disqualify him‌ based on his ⁢actions​ to reverse his 2020 election loss.

The challenge to Trump’s eligibility ‌was​ filed by voters who argued that his fiery⁢ speech before a mob of ​supporters attacked⁣ the U.S. Capitol on Jan. ⁢6, 2021,​ made​ him ineligible to run for the presidency. However,⁣ the judge ruled in favor of Trump, ⁢allowing him to remain on the ballot.

Trump’s lawyers have filed a brief with the Supreme ⁣Court urging it to reverse a decision in Colorado that removed him from ⁤the ballot. The⁣ U.S. Supreme ⁢Court has agreed to hear ⁣Trump’s appeal of the Colorado ⁢ruling in February, in a case​ that will likely determine whether other challenges can proceed.

While Trump faces ⁣four‌ criminal cases, including for his attempts to overturn the election, he has not been charged with insurrection.

Judge Mary Sue Wilson in Thurston County, the ⁣home of Washington’s capital Olympia, found on Thursday that the secretary of state had “acted consistent with‍ his duties” by ⁣accepting ‍the candidates, ⁤including Trump, submitted by the Republican and Democratic ⁤parties.

Third-party group asks Justice Department to probe‌ Democrats

No⁢ Labels, a‌ group preparing‍ a potential third-party presidential bid, ‍has asked the U.S. Justice Department to investigate Democratic-leaning groups and activists⁣ working to thwart​ those ⁤efforts. The group has already raised⁤ more than $60 million‍ and has ⁣qualified ⁣in 14 states, ⁤including ⁤swing states Arizona, Nevada and North Carolina.

Democrats fear a centrist third-party bid‍ would splinter their party while Trump’s loyal base sticks with ​him.

No Labels ‍identified Democratic-aligned ⁢groups ​including American⁤ Bridge, Third Way and MoveOn as ‍part⁢ of the alleged conspiracy.

Haley, ⁢Trump skip debate‍ stage⁢ in favor ‌of cable‍ TV

Trump has skipped all five Republican ⁢presidential debates thus​ far. Now‍ Nikki ‌Haley is taking a page from Trump’s⁣ playbook, skipping ⁤what was ‌to be the sixth debate on ‌Thursday night in favor of a ‌CNN town hall. She announced​ she would no longer debate unless Trump participated.

Trump, meanwhile,⁢ will sit⁤ down for a⁤ friendly ‌interview with Fox News host Sean⁤ Hannity.‌ Florida ⁣Gov. Ron DeSantis took part in his ‌own CNN town⁣ hall on Tuesday, ⁢where he attacked Haley⁣ and Trump for refusing to ‍debate him.

Haley’s decision was aimed at marginalizing DeSantis ahead of Tuesday’s primary election ‌in New⁤ Hampshire, where polls show Haley all alone behind Trump in second place. DeSantis barely registers at around 5%⁣ in New Hampshire and has turned his focus to ‌more conservative⁤ South Carolina⁤ — Haley’s home state — which will ⁣hold its primary on Feb. ‌24.

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    Good punctuation and grammar: It is important for the Justice Department to thoroughly investigate any concerns raised about Democrats, ensuring a fair electoral process. Trump’s presence on the Washington state ballot should not be compromised.


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