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Israel continues offensive in Gaza as war reaches nearly 100 days


GAZA -‌ The conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip has been ​ongoing for nearly 100 days, with no end ​in sight. The situation has escalated, with Israel continuing its ‍bombardments in the densely populated Palestinian enclave.

One ‍of the most devastating strikes occurred in the southern ​city of ​Rafah, where‍ an Israeli airstrike on a ‌house sheltering two displaced families resulted in the deaths of 10 people,⁤ according to the Gaza health ministry. The families had been eating dinner when ⁢the house was struck, leaving a tragic scene of loss and devastation.

Bassem Arafeh, a relative of the victims, held up a photo of a dead girl with a piece of bread in her hand, highlighting the heartbreaking reality of the situation. He questioned the absence of international intervention and called for ⁢the world to ‌take‌ notice of the suffering of innocent children.

While Israel maintains that it targets militants and minimizes‌ harm to non-combatants,⁤ the scale of the killing in Gaza has shocked world opinion and led to increasing calls for a ceasefire.

As the conflict rages on, the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza has reached a critical point. The Nasser Hospital, once a beacon of hope for the community, is now struggling in a “collapsed” ⁣health care system. Doctors are facing severe shortages of medical supplies and are​ forced to share hospital wards among the displaced.

Meanwhile, in the occupied West Bank, violence has also escalated, with three Palestinians attempting to break into a Jewish settlement and being killed by Israeli forces.

The reality on the ground ​is‍ dire, with thousands of ‌innocent civilians caught in the crossfire of this prolonged conflict. As the world watches, the need for immediate⁤ intervention and a lasting solution becomes increasingly urgent.

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  1. Disagree! It’s disheartening to witness the prolonged violence and suffering in Gaza. The international community must urgently prioritize peace negotiations and find a lasting solution for the region.


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