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Gloversville’s Rocco Insonia Dominates in Section 2 Boys’ Basketball


GLOVERSVILLE ‌— Rocco Insonia is coming ⁣off one ⁤of the​ best games ‌of‍ his high school ⁣career.

Last Friday, when the Gloversville​ boys’ basketball team took on Amsterdam, Insonia⁣ put⁣ together⁣ a 20-point,⁢ 20-rebound performance to⁢ help the Dragons pick up a 55-43 win over Amsterdam.

“Everyone was ⁢telling me that⁤ I‍ got ‌the 20-20,” Insonia said of finding out about his feat after the game. “I’ve never gotten that high ‌in rebounds. I have been close to 20 rebounds before, but not at the same time with⁤ 20 points. This is the​ first time‌ I got both. I think it just shows that I’m ​out there ​playing both offense and⁤ defense.”

That was certainly the case on Friday, as Insonia would race to ​the defensive end to ​block a shot, then back up the floor on offense.

During⁤ Gloversville’s last⁢ encounter with Amsterdam on ⁢Dec. 12, which the ‌Rams won ⁢53-52, Insonia also posted a double-double, ​with​ 25 points and 10 rebounds.

“It’s really just my mindset,” Insonia said on being able to put up big numbers. “If I go out there all tentative and not wanting the ball, I’m not going to have the numbers⁢ I want. With an aggressive mindset and confidence that nobody can stop me, ⁢that’s what’s going to lead to success.”

“I ⁢just ⁢know ‌that when I see the‍ ball,” he added on⁤ collecting rebounds, “I’m ripping it‍ down.”

Friday’s​ win‌ against Amsterdam comes after dropping a pair of games to Glens Falls and South Glens Falls.

“This was​ actually a massive win,” Insonia⁤ said. “We lost to ‍Amsterdam earlier in the‍ year and we were ‌coming off of a two-game⁢ skid. It was great​ to be able to come back in this game and get the win. It’s a big victory.”

“We had a seven game winning ‌streak.⁣ Now, we need‌ to start another one.”

Gloversville, which won seven straight games between Dec. 19 and Jan. 12, is now 6-4 in the Foothills‍ Council and 9-6 overall.

While Insonia seems to do a bulk of the rebounding duties for his Dragons team, the 6-foot-4 senior​ forward doesn’t tower over all of his teammates.

That title belongs to Jaiden Artis, a 6-foot-7, 278-pound senior center. Artis ‌is among several ⁢players on Gloversville’s basketball team who ​also play ⁣football in the‍ fall.

Artis, who is known for his work on the defensive line, was no⁤ stranger to⁢ lining up as a ‍tight end or halfback, even ⁢catching a few two-point conversions.

“That ‍was definitely one‌ of my highlights, something I’ll look⁣ back on and remember,” ‌Artis said ‌of catching a two-point conversion last season. “There was just a lot of teamwork and effort and respect from all my teammates.”

So far during basketball season, Artis has been a key player off the bench‌ for the⁢ Dragons, offering size not many ⁣opponents can counter.

“I put in a lot of work at the YMCA too ⁢when I’m not at practice, just really focusing on my post game,” Artis said.‌ “A little bit of shooting, but honestly not so much.”

“We’re a big defensive team. That’s⁣ what we like​ to do, and we come out every day focused on ⁤that.”

Artis, who moved to Gloversville when ​he was younger, is originally from Albany.

“It was hard,⁢ moving away and starting in Gloversville,”⁣ Artis said. “It was a tough situation, but I’ve gotten used‍ to it here and I have ​a ‍lot of support, ⁣which ​has made coming to Gloversville‍ easy.”

Being able to play both⁣ football and basketball at Gloversville has helped​ him ​feel right at home.

“It’s just about the hard work and dedication you have to put in,” he said, “Really to‍ be good at ⁤anything, it’s pain — all pain no ‌gain.”

It’s amazing to see how Rocco Insonia and Jaiden Artis are leading the Gloversville boys’ basketball team to victory.‍ Their dedication and hard work are truly ⁤inspiring, and it’s clear that ‍they are both valuable assets to the team. Insonia’s 20-point,⁢ 20-rebound performance is a testament to his skill and ​determination, while Artis’ work on the defensive ⁤line ​and his contribution off the bench are commendable. The ⁢Dragons are lucky to have such talented players on their team, and their ⁤recent win against Amsterdam is a clear indication of their potential. With players like Insonia and Artis, the future looks bright for the Gloversville boys’ basketball team.

Beckett Nielson
Beckett Nielson
Transitioning from a collegiate athlete to a sports journalist, Beckett O’Neal channels his passion for sports into engaging stories. A Boston College graduate, Beckett specializes in local sports coverage, from high school heroes to regional professional teams, providing in-depth analysis and an athlete's insight.
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  1. Great job, Rocco! You’re an inspiration to all young basketball players in Section 2. Keep dominating the court! #BasketballKing


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