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SLOC’s ‘Spring Awakening’ Receives Positive Review for Addressing Controversial Topics


In exciting news for theater enthusiasts, the captivating ⁣and thought-provoking modern American musical, Spring ⁢Awakening, has⁢ made its return to‍ town. This​ musical delves into the complexities of teenage ⁣life, addressing themes‍ such as repression, ignorance, and the struggles ⁣of sexual awakening.

Spring ​Awakening,​ based on Franz Wedekind’s 1891 ‍play, ⁢has ⁤been reimagined into an ‌electric ⁢musical‍ by⁢ musician Duncan Sheik and poet/playwright Steven Sater. The production features a pulsating rock score and haunting ballads that ⁣capture ⁤the raw ⁤emotions and angst ⁢of the teenage experience.

The talented cast,⁤ including Hannah M. DeStefano, Benji ‌Hitrick, Josh DeMarco, Michaela Torres,⁤ Annaleigh Lester, and Emma O’Kane, delivers powerful performances that bring the characters ⁣to life. The direction ⁢by Brian ‍Clemente, along with Brittany Glenn’s energetic choreography,‍ creates a captivating and immersive ​experience for the‍ audience.

Despite its​ intense and at⁢ times controversial subject matter, Spring⁤ Awakening offers a ‌poignant message of hope ⁤and resilience,⁢ beautifully encapsulated in the​ mesmerizing musical number, “The ⁣Song⁤ of Purple Summer.” This production ⁣is​ a must-see⁣ for fans of thought-provoking‍ and emotionally stirring theater.


WHERE: Schenectady Light Opera ⁣Company

WHEN: Through January 28, 2024

HOW MUCH: $29 – $ 35

MORE INFO: 877-350-7378, www.sloctheater.org

Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton, a skillful journalist previously based in Boston, is adept at covering a diverse array of stories. Her thorough and engaging reporting style, honed with a Master's in Journalism from Boston University, focuses on community-relevant stories.
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  1. Good grammar, agree: Great to see SLOC’s ‘Spring Awakening’ tackling controversial topics with such finesse! Well done!


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