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Son of ‘Pawn Stars’ Star Rick Harrison Dies in Las Vegas at 39


LAS VEGAS -‍ The tragic news of Adam Harrison’s passing has left the Harrison family and fans of the “Pawn Stars” show in mourning. Adam,⁤ the son of reality TV celebrity Richard “Rick” Harrison, passed away at the ⁣age of 39 ⁤in Las Vegas. The family spokesperson, Laura Herlovich, confirmed that Adam’s death was due to a suspected drug overdose.

The Harrison‌ family has issued a statement expressing​ their deep sadness and requesting privacy as they grieve the loss of Adam. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that the police are investigating the circumstances ⁢surrounding Adam Harrison’s death, which was first reported by TMZ.

While details about the location of Adam’s passing‍ and the substance involved in the overdose remain unknown, the ‌family and fans are coming together to remember‌ and honor Adam’s life. Although Adam was not featured on “Pawn Stars,” his presence⁣ will be deeply missed.

The ‌History Channel program, ‍which began ‌in ​2009, has been a platform for showcasing‌ the family dynamics and business operations ‍of the Harrison’s storefront business‍ on Las Vegas Boulevard. The passing of Adam comes ⁤after the death of family⁤ patriarch Richard Harrison, known as “The Old Man,” in June‌ 2018.

As the family and fans mourn the loss of Adam, they⁤ are finding ⁣solace in‌ the memories and moments shared with him. Both Richard Harrison and Corey Harrison have posted heartfelt memorial comments on their Instagram accounts, reflecting on the impact Adam had on their lives.

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