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Central Park’s New $10M Pool Set to Open This Summer


SCHENECTADY – As the winter chill settles in, thoughts of ⁢summer fun at the pool ‍are on the minds‍ of Schenectady residents. Mayor Gary McCarthy has confirmed that the⁢ city’s new Central Park pool will be ready to open at the⁤ beginning of⁢ the summer, ‌providing a refreshing escape from the heat.

The $10.1 million⁣ pool project, ⁣initially​ approved in August⁤ 2022, has ‌seen some changes and expansions. ⁢The addition ⁢of ⁢a splash pad and other ⁤enhancements ⁤led to a doubling of the project’s‍ cost, with the city council approving ​an additional $5.2 million in funding last February.

Mayor McCarthy mentioned that‌ there is still some finishing work to be done at the site,‍ including landscaping, before the new pool is ready to welcome visitors.

The new pool is ⁢expected to open‌ in‍ late​ June ⁢or early July, with an exact date ⁤to be announced. Mayor McCarthy also hinted at the possibility of modifying the opening ​date due to the pool being new, ⁤but no​ decisions have ‍been made yet.

While ‌there was hope for an early opening last year, the pouring‌ of​ concrete ⁢in the fall made⁣ it impossible. The future of the old Central Park pool is also uncertain, with ​the ⁣possibility of it being filled in.

Funding⁤ for the ⁢pool’s operations will come from the city’s general fund, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Schenectady will continue to manage the pool, as ‍they have in the ‌past.

The new pool is part of the city’s efforts to revitalize Central Park, with plans to transform the old Central Park casino building into ‌the‌ Central Park ⁣Environmental ⁢Education Center​ later this year. The ongoing park rejuvenation efforts demonstrate the ⁢city’s‍ commitment ⁣to creating opportunities for everyone.

Mayor McCarthy highlighted the various amenities available at the​ park, including tennis courts, a ‍greenhouse, Music Haven, a baseball ⁣diamond, cricket, and a nearby golf course. The city ⁤is also working on improving⁣ other parks simultaneously.

The new pool will⁤ be located at the site of the old​ tennis stadium, which has been demolished to make way for the pool. A ⁣pool committee, consisting of community members and ‌local organization representatives, played a key role⁢ in‌ shaping the project, with their‌ suggestions leading ⁤to the addition of a splash pad‍ that will be in use annually from ‍Memorial Day ‌until ⁤Labor Day.

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