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Mother from France receives prison sentence for abandoning child for 2 years


NERSAC, France – Shocking news has emerged from the town of Nersac in the Charente region of France. A mother has been sentenced to‌ 18 months in prison for abandoning ​her 9-year-old child, who was left to⁣ live alone in their family’s apartment for two years, from 2020 to ‌2022.

According ‍to reports from ​BFMTV, the boy survived on cake, canned ‌goods, and stolen tomatoes during this‍ time. The‌ child’s ⁤mother lived ‍just⁣ 3.1 miles away‍ with her partner and only visited ⁤the child “from time to time.”

Despite the difficult circumstances, the child continued attending school and was described‍ as a good student ⁢by Nersac Mayor Barbara Couturier.⁤ However, it was revealed that the child often did​ not ‌have access to hot water ‍or‍ heating.

Mayor Couturier took action after​ the mother asked ‍for help from‍ social services ⁣to buy food. ‌”I⁤ met his mom in May 2022. She came to tell us that she had financial‍ problems, and we gave her four⁣ vouchers for food, ⁣but she took some processed food products instead, so that got‍ me suspicious,” Couturier‌ explained.

It​ was thanks⁣ to the alertness of Mayor Couturier and concerned residents⁤ that⁤ the ​child was finally placed under the care‍ of social ​services in September 2022.

This heartbreaking story serves as a reminder ⁣of⁤ the ⁣importance of looking⁣ out for the well-being of children in‌ our communities.

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  1. Yes, it is truly heartbreaking to imagine a child being abandoned for such a long period of time. The consequences should reflect the seriousness of the act.

  2. Agree It is absolutely necessary for the mother to be held accountable for her actions. Abandoning a child for such a long time is an unforgivable act and deserves a prison sentence.


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