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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Pentagon’s Funds for Ukraine Depleted as it Convenes 50 Allies for Meeting


WASHINGTON — The United States is facing a critical situation in providing support to Ukraine, as ⁤the government in Kyiv desperately needs ammunition and missiles⁣ to‌ defend itself against Russia’s invasion.

Despite the urgency ‌of the situation, the Biden administration was ‌unable to provide the necessary aid during the monthly meeting of about 50 nations that coordinate support for Ukraine. This has put the​ spotlight ⁤on the ‌need for ‌Congress to approve more funds for Ukraine’s‍ fight.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who is currently recovering from prostate cancer surgery, urged the international community to‍ step up and provide Ukraine‌ with the essential ground-based air defense systems and interceptors it needs to defend itself.

Meanwhile, European allies are taking steps to support⁢ Ukraine, with NATO announcing a $1.2 billion joint contract to buy more than 222,000 rounds of 155 mm ammunition.

While the conflict between Israel and Hamas has been ⁣making headlines, Russia’s attacks on Ukraine have continued, ⁣with a recent barrage of missiles causing significant damage and casualties in Ukraine’s major cities.

The U.S. has provided over $44.2 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since the‌ invasion, but the funds have now run out, leaving the country in a vulnerable position.

Despite the challenges, ​the U.S. and its international partners⁣ are continuing to train Ukrainian forces, with approximately 118,000 Ukrainians having received training so far.

It is clear that urgent action ⁢is ⁤needed to ensure that Ukraine has the support it needs to defend ‌itself against Russian ‌aggression.

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  1. Agree

    Ukraine’s allies must step up and provide additional financial support to ensure the country’s stability. It’s crucial for the Pentagon and its 50 allies to collaborate and find solutions to address this depletion of funds.


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