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Schenectady man charged with 2022 murder declines plea bargain offer


A ‍Schenectady man has made a bold ⁣decision in the case of ⁤a 2022 murder on Hulett Street.

Anthony Romero, 25, appeared⁣ in Schenectady County Court Monday morning ⁤on a four-count indictment for the May 30, 2022, murder of Trevien Tate. Previously, he was arraigned in December⁢ 2022.

Acting Schenectady County Court Judge Mark J. Caruso is presiding over ‌the ‍case. Caruso said that if Romero did not accept the ‍plea agreement and ⁢is ⁢convicted of second-degree murder,​ the sentence could range between 15 years to life and⁣ 25 years to⁢ life.

“I reject it [the plea offer], your honor,” Romero said to the judge Monday.

The Schenectady County District Attorney’s Office ‍offered Romero the plea deal. Assistant District Attorney Mike Nobles is prosecuting ⁤the case.

Romero was given a four-count indictment in relation to the May 2022 shooting and murder of Bronx resident Trevien Tate,‌ who turned 21 on the day of the incident.

Officers had been called to⁢ the area for a report⁢ of shots fired and a man on the ground. They arrived to learn that Tate had already⁢ been taken to Ellis Hospital by private⁣ vehicle, where he was pronounced dead.

Romero faces one count of second-degree murder a ​Class A-I⁢ felony, ‍two counts of second-degree criminal possession of a ‌weapon, class‌ C violent felonies, and one count of tampering with physical evidence, a class E felony.

“The offer was ​for the defendant to plead guilty to the count of one charge of murder in the second-degree in full satisfaction of the​ remaining counts in ⁢the indictment,” Nobles said.

Romero​ would have received an agreed-upon sentence of an indeterminate 20 ⁤years-to-life incarceration, for accepting the plea, Nobles said. If Romero accepted the plea agreement, he would have also ‌waived his right to appeal it.

Attorney Kyle Davis ‍is representing​ Romero.

Romero’s trial is scheduled for Feb. 13. He was indicted in⁢ December 2022 in relation to the May 30, 2022 shooting⁤ on Hulett Street, in ⁤Schenectady.

Romero was ⁢initially arrested ‍in November 2022, and taken into custody by the U.S. Marshall’s‌ Task Force in Albany without incident, police‍ said at the time.

It is crucial for the⁤ justice system to​ ensure that all individuals involved in a case are given a fair trial and the opportunity to make their own decisions. The decision made by Anthony Romero to decline the plea deal​ will undoubtedly impact ⁤the upcoming trial and the potential outcome of ⁤the case.

Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton, a skillful journalist previously based in Boston, is adept at covering a diverse array of stories. Her thorough and engaging reporting style, honed with a Master's in Journalism from Boston University, focuses on community-relevant stories.
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  1. Good grammar, agree: He should face the consequences of his actions and accept responsibility for the crime he committed.


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