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Spaniel with 6 legs has surgery to remove extra limbs and adapts to life on 4 paws


LONDON‌ – A remarkable ⁢story of resilience and determination comes from Pembroke, Wales, ‍where a⁤ spaniel named Ariel⁤ has defied the odds. Born with six ⁤legs ⁤and abandoned in ⁤a supermarket parking lot, Ariel⁣ has undergone a ‍life-changing surgery ‍to remove her extra limbs.

Named after “The Little Mermaid” character due to ⁣the resemblance of one of her extra limbs to a flipper, Ariel is now ⁢running ⁣through ‌the grass outside a veterinary hospital, adjusting to life⁤ on four legs.

Vicki Black, director of the Langford Vets Small Animal Referral ​Hospital, ‍where Ariel underwent the surgery, expressed her joy at Ariel’s progress. “She⁤ is doing brilliantly,” Black said, highlighting the dog’s remarkable recovery.

After ‌being found in September, Ariel was ‌taken in by Greenacres Rescue,⁢ who raised funds for her surgery. ⁣The University of Bristol’s hospital, ⁣where the surgery took place, had never encountered ‍a six-legged dog before, making Ariel’s case a unique and challenging one.

“Ariel was a complicated ​little dog,” ​Black said. “We are a center committed to career-long learning and are proud to innovate and treat pets like Ariel.”

Before the surgery, the extra legs were of ​no ​use and appeared to be a hindrance to Ariel’s mobility. However, as she was discharged from the hospital, she⁤ displayed the determination and spirit of any other dog, exploring the lawn with her nose to the ground⁢ and ‌pulling on her leash.

Ariel’s story ‍is a testament to the resilience of ⁢animals and the dedication of veterinary professionals in providing innovative and life-changing⁤ care.

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