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Japan’s accurate moon lander successfully reaches its destination, but is found to be inverted


TOKYO — Japan’s ⁣space agency has ​achieved a‌ major milestone with its successful lunar mission, despite a few hiccups along ​the way. The Smart ⁤Lander for Investigating Moon, or SLIM, made ⁢history by becoming the ⁢fifth country⁢ to reach the moon’s surface. Although ‍the probe ​experienced some technical difficulties,​ it managed ‍to hit the tiny patch of the moon’s⁢ surface it was aiming⁤ for, showcasing the agency’s precision landing system.

Unlike‍ previous probes, SLIM aimed for⁣ a target area of ⁤just 330 ⁢feet,​ demonstrating ​improved‌ accuracy that could⁢ provide scientists with ⁤access to more of⁤ the moon’s surface. However, a malfunction in one of the lander’s main engines caused a harder landing than planned, and the ​probe ended up lying upside down on the lunar surface.

Despite the landing ⁢mishap, the Japan Aerospace ⁣Exploration Agency is hopeful that the⁤ probe will be​ able to recharge when the moon enters its⁢ daytime ⁢in the coming days. Project manager Shinichiro Sakai‍ expressed his excitement at the images sent back by the autonomous probes, describing the moment as a⁣ realization of their hard work and dedication.

LEV-1, a ⁣hopping robot, and LEV-2, ​a baseball-sized rover, were instrumental in capturing and transmitting images of SLIM’s landing, ⁤making them ‍the ​world’s ‍first ‍to achieve this mission.⁤ The ⁣successful ⁤mission is a testament to Japan’s⁣ two decades of⁢ work on ‍precision technology by the Japan ‌Aerospace Exploration Agency.

SLIM, ‌also known as “the Moon Sniper,” was designed to seek clues about ⁢the origin of the moon and analyze‍ minerals with a special camera.​ The mission, which was launched on a Mitsubishi Heavy H2A rocket in September, is a significant step forward for Japan’s⁣ space ‍technology, following a series of setbacks in previous ⁢missions.

Japan’s ⁣determination to ​explore and understand‍ the moon’s surface has solidified‍ its​ position as a key player in space exploration, and the successful SLIM ​mission⁣ marks a⁣ new era in lunar exploration.

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