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Judges in Schenectady Soup Stroll prepare for tasting challenge


Get ready for a weekend of deliciousness as more than ‌30 restaurants compete for the prestigious ‘Golden‍ Ladle’ at the eighth annual Soup‌ Stroll⁣ in downtown Schenectady. The event will feature a panel of judges who will‍ determine the top ⁢choice of ‍the weekend.

In addition to the ‌judges’ choice, the public will have the opportunity to crown the top soup as the ‘People’s Choice’ winner. To participate, ⁤simply visit at ⁣least 10 of the Soup Stroll participants before 4 p.m., ‍fill out a paper ballot, and drop ‌it off at one of five locations. The ⁤judging panel, consisting of Danielle Ashworth, Laura Koennecke, and⁣ Nellie Ackerman, will also award three prizes.

Danielle ⁤Ashworth, a ⁤social worker at LaSalle School, is excited ⁢to be debuting as ⁢a judge at this year’s⁣ Soup‌ Stroll. She has a passion‍ for food and is looking forward to trying out all the different soups.

“I’m bringing my boyfriend, and we’re going to try‌ to tackle a good amount of⁣ stops starting at ‍11 a.m. and take a break, go to⁣ brunch at The Nest, and ⁤then I ​have some‍ friends ‌who will be in town,” she said. “I’m going ​to try and drag them along to a couple of the other stops. Trying to pace ourselves.”

Laura Koennecke, a Niskayuna resident, is part of the Electric City Community Grocery outreach team and is making her first official foray into the judging arena. She⁤ is excited to compare the soups within their respective categories and is looking forward to the challenge.

Nellie ⁢Ackerman, a professional restaurant and​ food photographer, is returning to judge the Schenectady Soup Stroll. She is known for her in-depth knowledge of the local food scene and is ⁢looking forward to ⁣the creativity and originality that ⁣the restaurants will bring to the table.

With so many amazing soups and restaurants in downtown Schenectady, this ⁢year’s Soup⁢ Stroll promises to be an ⁣exciting and delicious event for ⁤all food enthusiasts.

Kiara Thomas
Kiara Thomas
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