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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Formal discussions initiated between Iraq and US to conclude coalition mission against the Islamic State group


BEIRUT ⁤—⁣ The United States and Iraq⁤ have‌ come together for the first ​formal talks in Baghdad to⁢ discuss‍ the end of the U.S.-led military coalition’s mission in Iraq. The talks, sponsored by Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia⁤ al-Sudani, mark the beginning of a⁢ bilateral​ dialogue between the two countries.

The U.S.‍ forces in ⁢Iraq and Syria have been facing drone attacks from Iran-backed militias, amidst the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. Despite​ the attacks, the U.S. plans to establish​ a committee⁢ to negotiate the terms of the⁣ mission’s end, a discussion that has been ongoing since last year.

Since the U.S.⁤ invasion ‌in 2003, Washington has maintained a⁤ continuous presence in Iraq. Although combat ⁤forces left in 2011, troops returned in⁣ 2014 to‌ aid in‍ the defeat of the Islamic State group. ​Now, with the‌ group’s‌ diminished hold on territory, Iraqi officials have ⁢been calling for the withdrawal of coalition forces.

The recent escalation⁤ of attacks⁣ on ⁣U.S.⁢ forces in Iraq ‍and Syria by Iran-backed militias⁤ has reignited the discussion on the presence‌ of coalition forces. The militias claim the ‍attacks are‌ in retaliation for⁢ U.S. support for Israel in the Gaza conflict.

As the talks progress, both sides ⁣are navigating the delicate balance of addressing security concerns while ⁤respecting Iraq’s sovereignty. The decision to ‌wind down the coalition’s ​mission ⁤is a complex one, with implications for regional stability and security.

Despite the challenges, the dialogue ‌between the‌ U.S. and Iraq represents a ‌step towards a potential ‍shift in the dynamics⁣ of the region, as both countries work towards a mutually agreeable ​solution.

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  1. Good punctuation and grammar, agree: This is a positive step towards combating the threat of the Islamic State group. Open dialogue and collaboration between Iraq and the US will be crucial in ensuring a successful conclusion to the coalition mission.


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