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Steps to Take if You’re Worried About Being Laid Off or Unemployed


LOS‍ ANGELES ⁣— The recent‌ wave of layoffs from major tech⁣ and media companies like eBay, Riot Games, and the Los Angeles Times has⁢ left many people feeling uncertain about their⁢ job security. ⁤If you’re worried about the possibility of‍ being ⁣laid off,​ or‍ if you’ve‍ already lost your ⁣job, there are steps you‍ can take to navigate ‌this challenging time.

Building an Emergency Fund

One​ of⁣ the first‌ things you can do to⁣ prepare for ​a potential layoff is to start saving.⁤ Even‍ if you can’t save enough to cover an extended period of ⁢unemployment, having a small emergency fund can help reduce your stress. Jesse ‍Mecham, founder ‌of ​the ‌money⁤ management app YNAB, recommends asking yourself what you want your money to do. This can‌ help⁣ you prioritize ⁣your savings and ⁤make sure you have ⁤a⁢ financial cushion in case ‌you need it.

Updating Your Resume

Keeping ⁣your resume up to date and customizable for different job opportunities is ‍essential. Scott Dobroski,‍ a career‍ trends expert, suggests leaving space in your resume to include keywords ​specific to⁢ the job you’re applying ⁤for. ‌This can make it easier to tailor your resume to different positions and industries.

Expanding​ Your ⁣Network

Activating your ⁣professional​ network and reaching out to connections in your⁣ industry can give you a head start in finding new job opportunities. Talking​ to friends and colleagues about potential⁤ job openings​ can help ⁢you stay ahead of the ‍curve.

Investing in Your Skills

Gaining new skills and‌ adding certifications to your resume can make you ‍a stronger ​candidate for future ⁢job opportunities. Whether it’s taking online‌ courses or getting specific ⁣licenses, investing in your skill set can ‌pay off in the long run.

Prioritizing Mental Health

After ​a job loss, ⁤it’s⁤ important to ⁤prioritize your⁣ mental health. Taking⁤ time to process your emotions⁤ and focusing⁢ on the positive aspects of a new‌ chapter ‍in your life can ‍help ⁣you approach⁤ your ​job search⁤ with a clearer mindset.

Maintaining a Routine

Keeping a daily routine that includes self-care activities and job searching can help you stay grounded⁢ during this​ challenging time. Designating specific times for job⁣ applications and taking ​breaks to do activities you⁣ enjoy can ⁢help prevent burnout.

Understanding Your Benefits

It’s crucial to understand your compensation​ package and benefits after a layoff. ‌This includes knowing your health insurance ⁢coverage and making‍ sure ​you have⁤ necessary prescriptions and supplies for any ongoing medical needs.

Applying⁣ for ⁣Unemployment

Applying for unemployment benefits is an important step in staying financially afloat after a job loss.⁣ While ‍it may not fully replace your previous⁢ income, it can provide essential support ⁤during⁢ your job search.

Considering Temporary Jobs

Temporary jobs can be a valuable option if ⁣you need to continue working while searching for a new ⁤full-time position. Including temporary work experience on your resume can showcase your adaptability and⁢ work ethic ​to potential employers.

Remember, you’re not alone in ‍this process.​ Seeking support from friends, family, and ‌professional networks can make a significant ‍difference during‌ this challenging time.

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  1. Steps to take if you’re worried about being laid off or unemployed. Remain calm, update your resume, and start networking. Stay positive, opportunities await! #Agree

  2. Steps to take if you’re worried about being laid off or unemployed: Focus on self-care, explore new industries, and stay resilient. #Agree


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