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Biden Vows Retaliation for Iran-Backed Drone Strike that Killed 3 US Soldiers in Jordan


COLUMBIA, S.C.‍ -​ President Joe Biden’s recent statement about the U.S. response to the drone ⁢strike in northeast​ Jordan has sparked a lot of discussion ⁣and concern. The attack resulted‌ in the tragic loss of three⁢ American troops and injuries to dozens more. ​Biden, who‍ was⁣ traveling in⁣ South Carolina, expressed his condolences and promised a response to the attack.

With tensions escalating in the⁤ region, U.S. officials are working to identify the group responsible ​for the attack. It is believed that one of several⁤ Iranian-backed groups‌ was behind it. President Biden has assured that the United States will hold all those responsible to ​account at a time and in a‌ manner of their choosing.

The attack has led to an increased ‍risk of military escalation in the ⁣region. U.S. Central Command reported that at‍ least 34 troops ⁢were injured ​by the drone strike, with eight flown out of Jordan ​for​ follow-up care. ‍The large drone struck ⁤a logistics support ‍base in Jordan known as Tower 22, resulting in the loss of three brave souls.

The U.S. military base at​ al-Tanf in Syria is 12 miles north of Tower‌ 22. The Jordanian installation provides ⁢a critical logistical hub‍ for U.S. forces in Syria, including those at al-Tanf, which is near where ⁣the borders of Iraq, Syria, and Jordan intersect.

Iran-backed⁢ militias have been targeting American military installations in ⁢Iraq ‌and Syria in retaliation for ⁤Washington’s support for Israel⁢ in the war in Gaza. The U.S. ⁢has ⁤responded to these attacks in ⁤recent months to deter further aggression.

President Biden, who was in Columbia, South Carolina, on Sunday, was briefed on the situation⁢ and⁣ met virtually ‌with Vice President Kamala Harris and his national security team for an update. He called the attack “despicable and ⁣wholly unjust” and praised the ​service members for risking their own safety for the safety of their fellow Americans and⁣ allies.

The situation in the Middle​ East remains ⁣tense, and the U.S. is closely⁤ monitoring‌ developments in the region. The attack has raised ⁢concerns about the safety ​of American troops and the potential for further escalation.

As the U.S. prepares to ⁢respond to the attack, the international community is watching closely to ⁤see how the situation unfolds and what ⁢actions⁣ will be ⁤taken to ensure the safety and security of‌ American forces in the region.

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  1. Disagree: Retaliation will only escalate tensions and lead to more senseless violence. Peaceful solutions should be pursued instead.


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