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US affirms unchanged Israel policy despite report on using weapon sales as leverage


WASHINGTON — The White House reaffirmed its support for Israel’s right to defend itself against the threat of Hamas, while also ​emphasizing the importance of ‌abiding by international⁣ humanitarian law and protecting civilian lives. A spokesperson for the White House‍ National Security ‍Council stated, “We remain committed to support Israel ⁤in its ‌fight ⁤against Hamas, and there has not been a change in⁢ our policy.”

Addressing recent reports, the White House official clarified that there has been no request to slow down weapons deliveries to Israel, nor any⁤ request to review weapons for potential delays.‌ This statement comes in response to NBC⁣ News’ report⁢ that the United States was considering using weapon sales to Israel as leverage to encourage the Israeli government to scale⁢ back ⁢its military assault in Gaza.

While the U.S.⁤ is reviewing the weaponry requested by Israel, including 155 mm artillery rounds and joint direct attack munitions ‌(JDAMs), the White House has emphasized that no final decisions have been ‌made.⁢ The report also mentioned the possibility of slowing or pausing weapon deliveries in the ​hopes of⁤ prompting the Israelis to take actions such as ‌opening humanitarian ⁣corridors to provide aid to Palestinian civilians.

President‌ Joe Biden has⁣ previously expressed concern over the heavy ​death toll from Israel’s war in Gaza, referring to Israeli bombing as “indiscriminate.” However,⁣ the‌ U.S. has not called for a ceasefire, citing concerns that such a measure would⁤ benefit Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, which‌ governs Gaza.

The ongoing conflict has resulted in a devastating toll, with over ‍26,000 Palestinians killed and many more feared buried in rubble. The international community continues to ‌express alarm over the situation, urging for a resolution that prioritizes the protection of civilian lives.

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  1. Good punctuation & grammar, agree:
    The US reaffirms its unwavering support for Israel, despite the recently reported allegations regarding weapon sales.


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