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Europe in crisis as measles cases surge, U.S. on high alert


SALT LAKE CITY – Measles outbreaks ⁢in Europe and the United States have public health officials on⁣ high alert. The World Health Organization reported a 30-fold increase in⁢ measles cases between 2022 ‌and 2023, ‌with Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom‍ being the most‌ affected countries. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control’s weekly threats report stated that the virus stopped‍ spreading⁣ during pandemic lockdowns, but cases have been steadily increasing since June 2023.

European Outbreak

According to Euronews, more than ‌30,000‍ measles cases were reported by 40 of the WHO European region’s 53⁢ member states between January and October last year, compared to 941 cases ⁢in ⁣2022. The outbreak has led to 21,000 ​hospitalizations and five deaths, prompting the World Health Organization to call for ​urgent measures to prevent further spread. ⁢Countries like Romania, France, Austria, and⁤ Germany have also reported cases.

United States Outbreak

In‌ the United States, smaller outbreaks have been reported in multiple communities, with most ‌cases linked to foreign travel. While‍ the number of cases in 2023 was lower than during most pre-pandemic years, public health officials are concerned about the potential for further spread. CNN ⁤reported ⁤nearly a dozen cases of measles in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Georgia, with international travel and declining global vaccination rates being cited as contributing factors.

About Measles

Measles ⁢is a highly contagious viral ⁢illness that spreads through coughing and sneezing. The ⁤virus can remain in the air for up to two hours after an infected person has left the area. Symptoms include high fever, cough, runny nose, watery eyes, and a characteristic rash. Measles can be dangerous, especially‍ for young children, and can lead to severe complications or death.

Prevention and Control

The best‍ way to prevent measles is ⁣through vaccination. ‍The CDC recommends a two-dose vaccination‍ for lifelong immunity. However, declining vaccination rates and increased international travel have contributed to the resurgence of measles in many parts of the world. Public health experts emphasize the importance of vaccination to protect individuals and communities from the spread of the ​virus.

It is crucial for individuals who have been exposed to measles to seek medical attention and follow isolation protocols to prevent‌ further​ transmission. While there is no specific treatment ‌for measles, supportive care can help manage symptoms and reduce the risk of complications.

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