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Simone’s Kitchen Wins Top Soup Award Again at 2024 Schenectady Soup Stroll


SCHENECTADY – ​Simone’s Kitchen on Jay Street once again ⁤proved its culinary⁣ prowess by winning the​ prestigious “Golden Tureen” award for the second⁤ year in a row at the eighth annual Schenectady Soup ​Stroll.

The restaurant clinched the top⁢ spot with its delectable Greek-style cauliflower chowder with lemon potatoes, a dish that left the attendees craving for more.

Backstage Pub LLC secured the “Silver Spoon” for their ⁤mouthwatering loaded baked potato & bacon chowder ‍with asiago ​stuffed gnocchi, ‌sriracha crema, and chives, while Manhattan Exchange took home the​ “Bronze ‌Ladel” for their flavorful carne asada chipotle corn⁢ chowder.

The winners ⁤were determined by the ‌public, who filled out ballots⁣ and submitted them before the end of the Soup Stroll. In ‌addition to the public⁢ vote, a ‌panel of three judges also awarded ‌Tara Kitchen with the judge’s choice for their irresistible cheezy chicken ‘n bacon corn⁣ chowder, and⁢ Simone’s ‍Kitchen was honored with the “Most Creative” ⁣title.

Other notable‌ mentions ⁢include Ya Ya’s House Southern Cuisine, which was⁢ recognized ⁣for serving the‍ “Best Chowder” with its Ya‍ Ya’s​ chicken ‘n dumpling soup, and the SUNY⁢ Schenectady County ‍Community College food truck, which was named for offering the ‘Best Gluten Free’ soup with its Chanko Nabe Hotpot soup.

Kiara Thomas
Kiara Thomas
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  1. Great job, Simone’s Kitchen! Well-deserved recognition for your delicious soups at the Schenectady Soup Stroll! Keep up the amazing work!


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