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Gov. Hochul Appoints Steven G. James as New York State Police Superintendent


NEW YORK​ (WKBW) — In a recent announcement, ⁤Governor Kathy​ Hochul has put forth the nomination of ‌Steven G. ​James for the position of Superintendent of⁢ the New York State Police.

According to⁤ the⁤ governor’s office, James, the ⁣current Acting Superintendent, has been a part of the NYSP for an impressive 32 years. His extensive experience ‍includes roles such as Deputy Superintendent for Employee Relations, Assistant Deputy⁤ Superintendent, Staff Inspector, Major, Captain,⁤ Lieutenant,⁣ Senior Investigator, Sergeant, Investigator, and ⁤Trooper. James ‌also holds​ a B.S.‌ in Psychology​ from SUNY Albany ​and a master’s degree in ⁣public administration ⁤from Marist College.

As Governor Hochul stated, James will continue⁤ to lead the NYSP‌ in ‌an acting capacity ⁤while he awaits Senate⁣ confirmation.

“I ‍am deeply honored by this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Governor⁢ Hochul’s nomination ‌is the ‌pinnacle of my career and I am acutely aware of the privilege I have been given. I am eager to guide⁤ the State Police towards innovative policing strategies and to ‍establish us‌ as a leading agency.”

– Acting Superintendent James

If confirmed, James would​ be the first permanent superintendent​ since Kevin Bruen,‍ who⁤ was nominated by former Governor Andrew Cuomo⁤ and ⁢confirmed by⁢ the New⁣ York State Senate as the 17th Superintendent of NYSP in June 2021.

Bruen stepped down from the NYSP on⁢ October⁢ 19, 2022. As reported by the Albany Times Union in October​ 2022, his resignation was amidst ​an ⁤investigation into alleged misconduct by the governor’s office. The WHNY News⁤ I-Team was concurrently‍ conducting an ​investigation into the disciplinary records of the⁢ New ​York State police.

Following Bruen’s resignation,⁢ Western New York native and First Deputy Superintendent Steven Nigrelli took ⁤over as Acting Superintendent on a⁢ temporary basis.

Nigrelli announced his retirement⁤ in September 2023. As per a report by the Albany Times Union,⁣ allegations‌ of harassment and mistreatment⁤ of employees, including women, were made against Nigrelli. These allegations, which⁤ led to a state report on workplace discrimination, allegedly resulted in Governor ​Hochul ‌informing Nigrelli that ​he ‍was no longer being considered for​ the superintendent ⁤position.

The New York State ⁢Office of Employee​ Relations, which was responsible for the investigation, declined to comment ‍to WHNY News at the time of the report.

A spokesperson for Hochul confirmed that her office‍ had decided⁤ against⁢ appointing Nigrelli as the permanent superintendent, ⁤but did ⁣not comment on the investigation.

In‌ a statement to WHNY News in September 2023, Nigrelli strongly denied the allegations of harassment ‍and abuse towards State Police employees.

“To ⁢avoid‍ becoming a distraction to⁤ the exceptional men and women ⁣of our agency and ⁣our ⁤mission to serve the public,​ I chose to retire,” Nigrelli‌ stated. “After 33 ⁤years of dedicated⁢ service, including the last 5 years in Albany, I ‍am‌ excited to return to WNY, the community I ⁢love ​and consider home.”

Alejandro Mendoza
Alejandro Mendoza
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