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American Official Confirms US Attacks Several Drones in Yemen


WASHINGTON — Late on Wednesday, a U.S. official confirmed that the United States had ​successfully targeted and destroyed up to 10 unmanned drones in Yemen that were on the verge of launching. This comes ‌amidst the growing tensions in the​ region, fueled by⁣ the ‌ongoing war in Gaza.

In a statement released by the U.S. military’s Central Command, it was revealed that a U.S. Navy ship had ‌also intercepted and shot down three​ Iranian drones ⁣and‍ a Houthi anti-ship ballistic missile in the Gulf of ‍Aden. Fortunately, no injuries ​or ⁤damage were ​reported.

The Houthi militants, who are ‍aligned with Iran and control the⁣ most densely⁢ populated regions⁢ of Yemen, ‌have ‍been launching a series ⁢of explosive drones and missiles at commercial vessels in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. They claim this is a response to Israel’s ​military operations in ​Gaza and a demonstration of their​ support for the Palestinians.

As ⁤a‌ result of the Houthi campaign, international shipping has been significantly disrupted.

In response to these attacks, the United ​States and ⁢Britain have initiated strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen and have‍ reclassified the militia as a​ “terrorist group.”

Earlier on ⁣Wednesday, the Houthis claimed that their naval forces had⁢ targeted an⁣ “American merchant​ ship” in the Gulf of Aden, just hours after launching missiles at the U.S. Navy destroyer​ Gravely.

The Houthi attacks on ships in the Red Sea and its surrounding areas have not only ⁢slowed trade between Asia ⁤and Europe but also raised concerns about potential supply bottlenecks. Major powers are increasingly alarmed that‌ the war in Gaza could escalate into a broader regional conflict.

President Joe Biden, earlier in January, stated that strikes on Houthi‍ targets would persist, even ⁣though ‍he acknowledged ⁤that these might not deter the Houthis from‍ continuing their attacks.

The Israeli assault on the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip was⁣ triggered ⁣by a surprise attack by ⁢Hamas militants on southern Israel on Oct. 7, ‌which resulted in ‍1,200 fatalities. According to the Gaza ⁣health ministry, the ongoing conflict has led to ⁤nearly 27,000 deaths since then.

(Reported by Idrees Ali and Kanishka Singh; additional reporting by Dan Whitcomb and Eric Beech; Edited by Sandra Maler and Michael Perry)

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