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Lawyers for suspect in University of Idaho stabbings request venue change


From the heart of MOSCOW, Idaho — The legal team representing the individual accused of the brutal murder of four University of Idaho⁢ students in late 2022 is pushing for a change in trial location. They argue that their client, due ​to the nature of the crime and its impact on⁤ the local ⁣community, cannot be guaranteed a fair trial ​in the area⁤ where the ⁢tragic incident ‍took place.

Leading the defense is Anne Taylor, Bryan Kohberger’s primary public defender. Earlier this week,‍ she requested Judge ⁤John Judge​ of Idaho’s 2nd Judicial District in Latah County to arrange ​a hearing. The proposed hearing, which should not be scheduled⁤ before the end of April, will discuss the possibility of relocating the trial, as reported by the Idaho Statesman.

In her statement, Taylor ‌expressed, “A fair ‍and ⁣impartial jury ⁢cannot be found ⁣in Latah⁢ County ⁢due to the widespread, ⁣inflammatory pretrial publicity, allegations made about Mr. Kohberger to the ⁤public by media that will be inadmissible at his trial, the small size of the community, ‌the salacious nature of the alleged crimes, and the severity of the charges Mr. ⁢Kohberger faces.”

Bryan Kohberger, a 29-year-old former criminal justice student at Washington State University in nearby Pullman, Washington, is facing ‍four counts of murder. The victims, Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle, Madison Mogen,⁤ and Kaylee Goncalves, were found dead at a⁢ rental home close to the university campus in Moscow, Idaho, last year. If Kohberger is found guilty, the prosecutors plan to seek the ‌death penalty.

However, Latah County prosecutor Bill Thompson voiced ‌his opposition ‌to the change of venue last week. He argued that Latah County should be given the first opportunity to form a ⁢jury, as the crime took place within its jurisdiction. Thompson also stated that relocating the trial would not significantly impact potential jurors’ familiarity with the case, given its national and international coverage.

Thompson stated, “It’s not Moscow, it’s not Latah County — it’s everywhere.” He further added, “So I ⁣don’t think that a change of venue is going to solve any of these ⁢problems.”

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  1. Agree-educated – Lawyers for suspect in University of Idaho stabbings request venue change. It’s important to prioritize a fair trial for the suspect, and if a change of venue can ensure that, then it should be considered.


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