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Rev. William J. Barber II to Give Lecture at Union College


On Thursday, Feb.⁣ 8, at 5 p.m., ⁣the Nott Memorial will be ‌graced by the⁣ presence of ‍Rev. William J. Barber​ II, the​ esteemed president of Repairers of the Breach, a non-profit organization dedicated to ⁤fostering ​social change. He will be delivering a⁤ speech as part of the ⁤Wold Lecture ​on Religion and Conflict.

The public is cordially invited to ​attend Barber’s talk, titled “We Are Called to be a Movement”. This event is a collaborative effort, ‌co-hosted by the Wold Lecture Series, ⁣Campus Protestant ⁢Ministry, the Office of Intercultural Affairs, and Hillel.

“We are deeply honored to ⁤welcome Rev. ⁣Dr. William Barber II, a ‌man ⁤who ​has taken up​ the cause championed by Dr. Martin Luther⁤ King Jr. and has emerged as a⁢ leading advocate for ⁤social justice in our nation,” expressed Protestant Chaplain Tim Coombs, a member of Union’s Office of Religious and Spiritual Life.

Barber, ⁣a Protestant minister, social activist, professor, and founding ⁢director of ‌the Center for ⁢Public Theology and Public Policy at the Yale Divinity‌ School, is renowned for his Moral ⁤Mondays initiative. This series​ of nonviolent‌ protests‌ serves as a powerful ⁣tool to resist threats to education, social programs, and ⁣voting and labor rights.

Barber‍ also ​co-chairs⁣ the Poor People’s⁣ Campaign: A National Call for a Moral⁣ Revival, a movement committed to advancing economic equality. He has served ​as the president of ⁢the North Carolina NAACP for nine years and was a member of the National NAACP Board⁣ of Directors​ for 12 years.

Following ​his talk, Barber will be available‌ for a book signing.

For further details, please reach out to ⁤Coombs at coombst@union.edu.

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Kiara Thomas
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