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Schenectady County Overhauls Community Grant Program, Now Open for Applications


SCHENECTADY ​ — The Schenectady County⁣ Legislature is excited to announce that applications for the Arts & ‍Culture ⁤Grant program are now being accepted.

Previously recognized as the ‍County Initiative Program, these grants have been a significant source of support for nonprofit organizations, school districts, and local municipalities. Since ⁣2002, over $950,000 has been​ awarded to⁢ more than 750⁢ projects that focus on arts, ‌culture, and tourism, funded by a portion of the county’s hotel and motel occupancy tax collections.

The​ revamped program introduces ⁣new criteria,‌ broadening the range of⁣ programs that can ​qualify for funding. Applicants now have the opportunity to apply for⁤ funding ⁤for ⁢up to two projects, which can‍ be a single event⁣ or‌ a series ⁣of events.⁢ Additionally,​ artists and groups without nonprofit ‍status⁤ can⁢ collaborate ‌with a qualifying agency, as per the latest news release.

In a new development ⁤this year, a single agency can now partner with multiple community organizations to assist them in‍ securing ⁣grant funding.

In⁢ the previous year,​ numerous projects were funded under this program, including⁤ the town of Glenville’s annual Oktoberfest, ​the Boys‍ & Girls Club of Schenectady’s Steinmetz Park Family Fun Day, ​and the ‌Rotterdam PBA’s annual National Night ‍Out ⁢event.

“We have ⁤restructured​ our ⁣grant program to increase accessibility and ⁢magnify its impact on our‌ communities, families, and tourism. This modification ensures that a⁤ broader ⁣range of⁣ events, programs, and organizations can benefit, thereby enriching the cultural fabric ​of our community,” stated‍ Richard Ruzzo, a District 1 legislator‌ who also serves as the vice-chair of the Tourism, Arts & Special Events Committee.

Organizations that wish ​to apply must be a 501(c) ‍3 non-profit, school district, municipality, or​ community organization that hosts an event or ⁤programming in Schenectady County. The event or programming should be​ aimed at ⁤performing, literary, visual ⁣or cultural arts, historic education, or anything that would boost Schenectady County tourism.

Applications ⁣can be found online on the county’s website and must be submitted by‍ March 14. For any queries, please email: legislature@schenectadycountyny.gov.

Juniper Li
Juniper Li
Juniper Li, with her roots in documentary filmmaking, brings a unique narrative style to local news reporting. A graduate of NYU’s Journalism program, Ava has a keen eye for stories that capture the essence of community life. Her reporting often highlights local achievements and challenges, drawing on her experience in visual storytelling.
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  1. Agree: Great news! Excited to see Schenectady County prioritizing community development by revamping their grant program. Looking forward to seeing the positive impact it will have. #CommunityDevelopment #Grants


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