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New York State Governor Hochul Declares February as Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month


NEW YORK (WKBW) — ‌In a significant move, New York’s Governor Kathy Hochul‍ has acknowledged February as⁤ Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month across the state. ​She has issued a formal proclamation and‍ ordered that‍ prominent landmarks across the state⁢ be bathed ⁤in orange light​ on Tuesday‌ evening.

According to ⁣the governor’s office, the New ‍York State ​Office ​for the Prevention ⁤of Domestic Violence has initiated ‌a unique initiative – a Healthy Relationship Quiz. This interactive quiz is designed to help‍ individuals distinguish between⁣ “Green Flags” and ⁣”Red Flags”⁤ in relationships. Alongside this, a “Green Flags” social media campaign‌ has also been launched.

The quiz is readily ​accessible on the state’s official website,⁤ which can be ‍found here.

“In today’s digital age, teenagers‌ are constantly ‍exposed to societal pressures through social media and other technological ​platforms. It ⁣is our duty to provide them with the ⁤necessary support⁤ as ⁢they traverse the challenging and ⁣uncertain path⁣ of adolescence. My ⁣administration is steadfast ​in⁢ its commitment to creating resources for families, schools, and communities. We aim to enhance youth mental health education and behavioral guidance, with​ the ultimate goal of eradicating​ teen dating violence completely.”

– Gov. Hochul

“Teenagers and⁤ young adults are among ‍the most‌ susceptible groups to dating violence, ‍particularly abuse ⁣facilitated‌ by technology. The launch‍ of our ‘Healthy Relationship ​Quiz’⁢ is a step⁣ forward in helping individuals understand the ‘Red’ ⁣and ‘Green’ flags in a relationship. We ⁢urge people of ​all ages to take this quiz and gain more⁢ knowledge⁢ about teen ​dating violence. I extend my ⁣gratitude to Governor Hochul for acknowledging the widespread issue of teen dating​ violence and for promoting awareness throughout​ New ⁢York State.”

– Kelli Owens,⁤ New York State Office for‍ the Prevention of Domestic Violence Executive Director
Alejandro Mendoza
Alejandro Mendoza
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