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Teams hunt for lost Marine Corps chopper transporting 5 soldiers from Nevada to California


From the heart of SAN DIEGO⁤ — As ​a historic storm relentlessly pours over ⁣California, search‌ teams are tirelessly looking for a Marine Corps helicopter that⁢ was reported overdue in the early hours of Wednesday. The helicopter was carrying five troops from Nevada to California.

The troops were‍ aboard‍ a CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter, returning to Marine Corps Air⁤ Station Miramar in San Diego ⁢from Creech Air Force Base, located northwest of Las Vegas. The ⁤Marines had⁤ been participating in unit-level training at the base, according to ​defense officials.

The exact ‌departure time from‌ Creech and the expected arrival time at Miramar⁤ remain⁤ unknown. The ‍region was battered by heavy rain⁤ throughout the night,‍ and snow was predicted for the mountains of San Diego County.

The Marine Corps issued a ⁢statement identifying the five ‍U.S. Marines as members of⁣ the Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 361, Marine Aircraft Group 16, 3rd​ Marine Aircraft‍ Wing stationed ‍at Miramar.

Lt. Matthew Carpenter of the San Diego ⁤County Sheriff’s Department​ reported that they were alerted at 1 a.m.‌ about the overdue ‌helicopter. ‍The​ last known location of the craft was in ‌the vicinity of Pine Valley, a⁣ mountainous area near the Cleveland National Forest, approximately 35 miles east of downtown ‌San Diego.

The Marine Corps is ​coordinating search and rescue‍ operations with ‌the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department and the Civil Air⁣ Patrol. However, no ‍further details were provided‌ in the statement, and​ calls to the public affairs office went unanswered ⁣on Wednesday morning.

The⁢ National Weather Service in San Diego predicted 6 to 10 inches ‌of ‍snow⁣ in the mountains above 5,000 feet​ and gusty ⁢winds late⁢ Wednesday. A tornado warning was⁣ briefly issued on Tuesday afternoon but was quickly rescinded as the storm was deemed incapable of forming a twister.

The​ CH-53E Super Stallion, measuring about 99 feet in length, is the⁢ military’s largest and heaviest⁢ helicopter. According to the Marine Corps website, it is capable ​of transporting troops and equipment‌ over rugged ​terrain in adverse weather conditions,⁤ even​ at night.⁢ It ⁤has earned the nickname “hurricane maker” due to the significant ​downwash produced by its three engines.

Two ⁤CH-53E⁤ helicopters played a⁣ crucial role in the‌ rescue of American and foreign‍ allies from the U.S. embassy in Mogadishu, Somalia’s ⁤civil ⁣war-ravaged⁣ capital, in January 1990.

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  1. Disagree: Sometimes unforeseen circumstances occur during military operations, but it’s disheartening that a search is necessary for our own troops. Our utmost priority should be ensuring their safety and preventing such incidents from happening in the first place.

  2. Disagree: It’s distressing to hear about yet another incident of a lost military chopper. We need to ensure better coordination and planning to prevent such situations and prioritize the safety of our brave soldiers.


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