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Schenectady Welcomes New Cannabis Seed Store by New York Autoflowers


SCHENECTADY — ⁢A fresh‌ entrepreneurial ⁤venture‍ has sprouted in the city, ‌as⁢ New York ⁢Autoflowers,⁣ a cannabis seed company, opened its doors on Wednesday‍ with ⁢a ⁣ceremonial ribbon-cutting.

Joe and ‌Laila Glasby, ⁤the owners, embarked on this journey following a car accident over a ‍decade ago. ‍They were initially prescribed opioids, but were⁢ abruptly taken off them. The ‌couple eventually discovered the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, which led ‍to the‌ creation of their own cannabis‍ seeds. Recognizing the demand‍ for their product, they decided to transform it into​ a business venture.

“We ⁤might be the first seed company that also offers grow-equipment, even though ⁢there are several grow-equipment ⁤businesses that sell seeds,” said Joe Glasby.

Located at 34 Jay St, New York Autoflowers ⁢operates⁤ from Wednesday to Sunday, ​opening its doors from ‌11 a.m. and closing at 5 ⁣p.m. ​or later.

The ⁤company⁤ also ‍offers online sales of seeds through its website, newyorkautoflowers.com.

The seeds provided by the business are specifically designed for strains that⁢ thrive in the ​northeast ‍climate. This means that all photoperiod strains offered by New York Autoflowers ‍are ready for harvest by​ late September or early October. Their ⁢autoflowering strains can even allow outdoor farmers to reap two or three harvests per season.

In addition to seeds, New York Autoflowers also provides ⁤grow supplies, indoor tent kits of various sizes, and ​sealed seed packages ranging‌ from one to 50 seeds. They also offer consultations and advice on growing, autoflower genetics processing, and more.

“Growing seeds can be a fun hobby ​or a project,” Laila Glasby said.⁢ “It ⁣can also help people decide whether ​they have a green thumb‍ or if they‌ prefer their local dispensary.”

According ⁤to Laila, growing cannabis is ⁣as ​easy as growing a ⁤tomato plant. If you⁣ can grow a tomato plant and yield a tomato,‍ you can⁢ grow cannabis.

Joe Glasby noted that no‌ other⁤ local business focuses​ solely on seed sales.⁢ Some larger ⁤out-of-state or international companies have established seed shops in places like New⁢ York​ City.

“Downtown​ is filled with restaurants, galleries,⁤ and‍ businesses, and now it will also have a‍ touch of agriculture,” said Maureen Neufeld, the new​ Downtown Schenectady Improvement Corporation Executive Director.

“We’re thrilled to have you [the business] here,”‍ Nuefeld said.⁢ “Not only because of the exciting influx of new businesses in downtown Schenectady, but ⁢because ​you represent a new sector that isn’t already⁣ here. That’s what we want, something that attracts people to downtown.”

At the grand opening, New York Autoflowers received ‍proclamations from the office of State Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara, D-Rotterdam, and the mayor of Schenectady.

“Your business brings a unique diversity that will complement the Green Market,” said Schenectady Mayor‌ Gary McCarthy.

Kiara Thomas
Kiara Thomas
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  1. Disagree. This is not the kind of business we need in our community. There are more important issues to focus on than promoting the use of cannabis.

  2. Agree. Exciting news! This new cannabis seed store will bring positive economic impact to Schenectady while also supporting the growing demand and interest in cannabis products.


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