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Small Alabama town’s communication silenced as 200-foot radio tower mysteriously disappears


From the heart of ⁤JASPER, Ala. — A colossal ​radio tower, once the lifeblood of a quaint Alabama town and its neighboring ⁢county, has been stolen, leaving the community voiceless, according to ⁢the radio station’s general manager.

In a shocking⁣ turn of events, an unidentified thief or group of thieves managed to dismantle and steal the towering 200-foot ​structure, ⁢effectively‍ silencing WJLX radio in Jasper, Alabama. The investigation is ongoing, with no arrests made as of yet.

“Our station has always been known as ⁣the sound of Walker County, and with our station currently off-air, it feels as though⁣ our community has been robbed of its voice,” lamented WJLX General Manager Brett Elmore in a conversation with the Associated Press.​ “This is a painful blow, not⁣ just for us, ⁤but for our entire community.”

The theft was ⁤discovered on Feb. 2, when a maintenance crew arrived at the secluded, wooded ‍location ‌where the tower once proudly stood, only to find it missing. To add ​insult to injury, ‍every piece of broadcasting equipment stored in a nearby building had also vanished.

“To invade my building, steal all my equipment, and the tower?” Elmore questioned. ⁣”Why‍ not leave the tower — it’s the most costly item⁢ to replace.”

Elmore theorizes that the tower’s guy-wire was severed first, causing the structure to collapse. He suspects it was then cut into manageable ⁤pieces and carted away. “With some basic tools from Home Depot, this could be dismantled‌ in no time,” he added.

Unfortunately, the station had no insurance on the tower or the ​equipment. Elmore estimates that it will cost between $60,000 to $100,000 to rebuild. “We’re a​ small market, we simply don’t have that kind of money,” ⁢he admitted.

Despite the setback, Elmore has received messages of support from across the country, and a GoFundMe page has been set up to raise donations. Initially hesitant to start ⁣the fundraiser, a friend convinced him to put his pride aside if ⁤people are willing to help. By early Friday afternoon, over $1,100 had been raised.

The AM station, ​a staple⁢ in the community since the mid-1950s, is more than just a job for Elmore. His quarter-century in the radio business continues the legacy his father started at ⁣the station.

“This is more than just a job or a radio ⁤station,” he expressed. “This ‌is a part of my identity.”

Jasper police are currently investigating the incident, Elmore confirmed. A representative from the police department was not⁣ immediately ⁣available for comment on Friday.

Despite the challenges, Elmore remains ⁣hopeful about getting back on the ‍air.

“We’re going to make‌ it,” he affirmed. “I have to keep the faith that we’re going to make it.”

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  1. Small alabama town’s communication silenced as 200-foot radio tower mysteriously disappears. Those affected deserve answers and immediate action. #uncaring


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