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Antonio Fairley’s Eight 3-Pointers Propel Canajoharie Boys to Victory in Section 2 Basketball


Let’s‍ take a look back at the recent Section 2 basketball ⁢games and their highlights.



Antonio Farley was on fire, sinking eight ⁢3-pointers ⁤and scoring a whopping 38 points, leading⁤ Canajoharie to a 73-43 victory over OESJ in a Western Athletic Conference crossover‍ game. Zach Willis and ​Zach Herget also made ‌significant contributions⁣ with 16 and 15 points respectively. On the other side, Collin‌ Eakin was the top‌ scorer for OESJ with⁣ 21 points, followed by ‌Logan Snell with 11 and Dylan Barnes with 10.

In another game, ⁣Mayfield secured a 47-39 crossover win ‌over Galway, thanks ⁤to Sean⁣ Foreman’s impressive 16-point, 16-rebound performance. Brody ⁣Page also had a double-double with 10​ points and 14 rebounds. For ​Galway, Jackson⁤ Flint and Tyler Friedman each scored 11 points.

Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons triumphed over ‍Fort ​Plain 53-28. Esiasyn Starr was ⁣the star of the game, matching Fort ‌Plain’s total with 28 points. Compton Allgood also chipped in with⁤ 12 points. Owen Castellano‌ was‍ the top scorer for the Hilltoppers with⁤ eight points.


Keira Allen’s ​13 points were instrumental in Galway’s‌ 35-30 victory over Schoharie ‍in ⁤a Western‍ Athletic Conference⁣ crossover game. ‍Lilly Ballard and Savannah Traverse each contributed 11 points ‌for Schoharie.



Fonda-Fultonville took a‍ commanding ​31-12​ lead at halftime and went on to defeat Johnstown 48-34 in a non-league game. Riley Wilson and ⁤Aidan Frederick were the ⁤top ⁤scorers for the Braves with 17 and 16 points respectively. Ryan⁤ Hoyt was the ‌leading ⁢scorer for the Sir Bills with 11 points.


Cloey‍ Dopp had a standout performance with 30 points, including ‍six ⁢3-pointers, to lead Mayfield to a 64-58 victory over Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons in​ a Western Athletic Conference crossover game.⁢ Abigail Chest and‌ Brianna Iannuzzi also contributed significantly with ⁢15 ⁤and 10 ‌points respectively. For the Knights, Mia’Rose Wylie led the scoring with 30 points, followed by Angie Deitz with 18 and​ Alana Kelly with 10.

In ⁤another game, Taylor Hayes had a stellar performance with 24 points, 14 rebounds and six assists,‌ leading OESJ to a‍ 58-46 win over Canajoharie. ⁣Brooke Trumble​ also​ had a solid game with 15 points, six assists and seven ‍steals. Megan ‍Blakeslee was the top scorer for Canajoharie with 13 points.



Amsterdam⁢ emerged victorious over‍ Mohonasen 56-48 in a non-league game. Aundray Fowler led a balanced Rams attack with 12 points, while Aric Brown and CJ Miller each added 10. ‍Jordan ‍Knight was the top⁢ scorer for Mohonasen with 21 points.


Shiasia Williams was the⁢ star of the game⁤ with 21 points, leading Gloversville to a 53-30 non-league ‍win over Mekeel​ Christian Academy. Zoie Tesi ‌and ​Angelina ‌Christman also contributed significantly⁢ with ‌11 and 10 ⁢points respectively. Johannah Gardner was the leading scorer for ‌Mekeel​ with ⁣19 points.



Fonda-Fultonville dominated the⁢ second quarter, outscoring Middleburgh 27-9, on their way to a 73-31 victory in‍ the ​Western‍ Athletic Conference. ⁣Brady ⁢Melious was the‌ top scorer for Fonda⁤ with ​16 points, followed by⁤ Keegan Croucher with 14. Billy Martinez ‌led the ⁣scoring‌ for ⁢Middleburgh with 10 points.

Canajoharie defeated Galway 76-39, thanks to Antonio⁤ Fairley’s impressive 28 ‍points.⁣ Ares ‍Horning and Trevor⁤ Willis also ‌made significant contributions with 13 and ‍12‍ points respectively. Jackson Flint and Sam Reedy were ​the top scorers ⁤for Galway, ⁢each with 10 points.

Duanesburg emerged‌ victorious over Berne-Knox-Westerlo​ 67-59. Jeff⁤ Mulhern was the star of the game with⁣ 34 points. Ethan Thompson and Jansen Proulx⁤ also ⁣contributed significantly with 12 and 10 points⁤ respectively. Dayne Coates ‌was the top scorer for B-K-W ‍with 33 points, followed by ⁢Shane Kirker with 15.

Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons ‌defeated Northville 62-40.​ Esiasyn Starr was the standout performer with ‍a game-high 33‌ points. Davonte Diegel also chipped⁢ in with 10 points.

Mayfield triumphed over OESJ 45-25, thanks to Brody Page’s 21 points. Sean Foreman‌ also contributed significantly with 11 points. Dylan Barnes was the top scorer for OESJ with 10 points.


Mia Natale tied Megan Gaugler’s record for 3-pointers in ⁣one season with 59 in Amsterdam’s 60-39 non-league win ​over Utica Proctor. Natale⁤ made five 3-pointers and scored 20 points. Ellie Tirado also contributed significantly with ⁤16⁣ points, while Annika Fedullo and Felise Fowler⁣ each added 10 ⁢points.

Catholic Central defeated⁣ Broadalbin-Perth ⁣74-44 in a non-league game. Akarri Gaddy was the top scorer for ⁢the‍ Crusaders with 22 points, followed by Dior Dobere with 13. Mairead Marsden led the scoring for B-P with ‌12 points, followed by Molly⁤ Russom with 10.



Hailey Monroe had an impressive performance‍ with 25 points, ​leading Northville to a 53-43 victory over Berne-Knox-Westerlo. This win ⁤improved Northville’s‍ record to 9-1 in the Western Athletic Conference and 17-2 ⁤overall.

Emma Cyr was the ⁤top scorer for the Bulldogs​ with 14 points, followed ⁢by Annie ‍Lendrum with 10.

Cloey ‌Dopp and Brianna​ Iannuzzi had standout performances with 27​ and 26 points respectively, leading⁤ Mayfield‍ to a 72-60 victory over OESJ.

Brooke⁤ Trumble was the top scorer for OESJ with 19 points, followed by Sydney Hazzard with ‌15 and Taylor ⁤Hayes ⁤with 12.

Allison O’Hanlon ⁣led Duanesburg ⁤to a 49-38 victory⁢ over Fonda-Fultonville with 20 points, advancing to the Western Athletic ‌Conference championship⁢ game for the third ⁤consecutive year.

Alex Moses had a solid game with 11 ‌points,‌ seven rebounds and ‍six assists for the ⁤Eagles, ‌while Hannah Mulhern contributed eight points and five steals. Kieonna Christmas was the top scorer for Fonda with ⁢19 points.

Notre​ Dame-Bishop ‌Gibbons triumphed over Canajoharie 50-22.

Savannah Traverse and Kiera⁤ Maitland led Schoharie to a 51-29 victory over⁣ Middleburgh with 19 and 17‌ points respectively.



Zoie‌ Tesi ⁣scored on ‌a Shiasia​ Williams ‌assist at the buzzer, giving Gloversville a thrilling 37-35 non-league win over Fonda-Fultonville. Williams was the ‍top scorer for Gloversville with 13 ​points, followed by Tesi ⁤with 11​ and Angelina Christman with 10. Kieonna Christmas ⁢led the scoring‍ for Fonda with ‍10 points.

OESJ defeated Johnstown⁣ 58-32. Kali Hazzard⁣ was the top scorer for OESJ with 15‍ points, while Taylor Hayes grabbed 12⁤ rebounds. Peyton​ Nigro was the leading scorer for Johnstown with⁣ 10 points.


In ‌Western Athletic Conference action, Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons defeated Mayfield 65-48, thanks to Esiasyn Starr’s ​impressive 29 points. Compton Allgood⁢ also⁢ contributed significantly⁤ with ​10 points. Braydon Kristel was the ‌top scorer for Mayfield with 18 points, ‌followed by Brody Page ⁣with 13.



At the Foothills Showcase, Glens Falls took an ‍early 20-8 lead in the first quarter and ⁢went on to secure a 76-57 ⁣victory over Gloversville. Brody Holcomb was the top scorer for the Black⁣ Bears with‍ 25 points, followed by ‍Kellen Driscoll with 16, Aiden Prunty with 14 and Cooper Nadler with 13. Rocco​ Insonia led the scoring⁤ for Gloversville ‌with 18 points, followed by Cal Porter with 13, Dom Dorman with 12 and‍ Jordan ‌Collar⁣ with 11.

South Glens Falls edged out‌ Johnstown ‌52-51. Ryan Fitzsimmons was the top scorer for South Glens ⁣Falls with 25⁢ points, followed​ by ‍Landon Casey‍ with 11. Ryan ⁤Hoyt​ led ​the scoring for Johnstown with 20 points.

Queensbury defeated Broadalbin-Perth⁢ 63-43. Troy Jorgensen ⁣was the top scorer for the Spartans with 17 points, followed by Kasigh ‌Gooden with 12 and Chase ⁤Baker with⁢ 10. Landon Russom⁤ led the scoring for B-P with 13 points.

Schuylerville triumphed over Amsterdam 69-52, thanks to Lukas Sherman’s impressive 23 points. Griffin ‌Brophy also contributed significantly with 20 points. Aundray Fowler‍ was the ⁢top scorer for the Rams with 14 points, followed by CJ Miller‍ with 11.

Jack Sullivan
Jack Sullivan
Jack Sullivan, an informed and passionate sports reporter, is a former college athlete with a degree in Sports Communication from Ithaca College. Go Bombers!
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  1. Good punctuation and grammar, disagree: Impressive shooting, but basketball is a team sport and credit should be given to the entire team. #TeamEffort

  2. Impressive shooting display by Antonio Fairley! He single-handedly led Canajoharie Boys to victory with his eight 3-pointers.


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