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Pizza Hut’s ‘Goodbye Pies’ campaign aims to help ease your heartbreak troubles


NEW YORK — Is your relationship teetering on the edge?⁢ Pizza Hut ‍is‌ offering a unique way⁤ to bid adieu​ with a Hot Honey pizza.

On ‍Tuesday, Pizza Hut rolled out its innovative “Goodbye Pies” campaign. ⁢This initiative allows customers to send a complimentary Pizza Hut delivery to their‍ former​ flame’s address. From now ⁣until​ the day⁢ of ​love, Valentine’s Day, customers can visit GoodbyePies.com to arrange a Hot‍ Honey pizza ⁤delivery for their past or soon-to-be ex-partner.

Whether you’re feeling​ bitter or sweet, the “Goodbye Pies” order allows you to add a personal touch. The program offers the option to pen a personalized message to your ex, which will be written on the delivery box.

Valentine’s Day is⁤ traditionally‌ a day of romance, filled with⁣ gestures of love⁣ like chocolates, roses, and romantic dinners. However, in the lead-up to its ‍latest marketing ploy, Pizza Hut referenced a YouGov poll that⁣ found 45% of people think it’s better to⁣ end a ‍rocky relationship before February 14th.

The campaign is designed⁤ to promote the launch of new ‍Pizza Hut menu items, including the⁢ Hot Honey pizza and Hot Honey wings.

“The sweet-heat flavor profile’s growing popularity has made Hot Honey our team members’ most ‌requested test item. We’re excited to introduce ⁤it as the latest ‌addition to our menu,”​ said Lindsay Morgan, Pizza Hut’s chief marketing officer, in a statement.

The ‍”Goodbye Pies” campaign will run until February 14th and is ⁢available in ​select locations in New⁢ York, Miami, and ⁣Chicago. However, customers living outside these areas can still visit⁢ GoodbyePies.com to⁣ request a breakup message and a free​ gift card‍ for a Hot Honey pizza to be sent to an ex or ‌soon-to-be-ex,⁤ while stocks‌ last.

Pizza Hut has a track record⁣ of unique marketing campaigns aimed‍ at setting its brand apart from rivals ‌like Papa ‍John’s and Domino’s. In ⁢December, the company introduced ⁤its “Reverse Delivery” doormat, which‍ customers could buy‌ to gift a ⁢free pizza​ to their‍ delivery driver.

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