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Fatalities from Landslide in the Philippines Rise to 68


MANILA — The tragic landslide that occurred ‍in the southern region of the Philippines has seen a rise in⁢ the death ⁢toll, now ​reaching 68. As of Monday, officials⁤ have expressed concern that the chances of finding additional survivors are dwindling.

Rescue teams are tirelessly searching ⁤for ⁢51 individuals who are still unaccounted for following the devastating landslide ‌on February 6. The disaster took ⁤place near a gold mine in the town of Maco, located in Davao de‌ Oro province.‍ The landslide caused a massive⁣ amount of destruction, burying homes and vehicles that were intended to transport employees of the mining⁤ company.

Ariel Capoy, the disaster officer⁢ for Maco⁣ town, has stated that the⁣ disaster authorities will be‍ transitioning their efforts from search⁢ and rescue to ‍search and retrieval starting from Tuesday.

The province of Davao de Oro has been subjected to relentless torrential rains in‌ the past few weeks. ‍This has ‌resulted ​in severe floods ⁤and landslides, forcing‌ numerous families to abandon their homes in search of safety.

In response to​ this calamity, the United States, through​ the U.S. Agency for International Development, has pledged to provide $1.25 million in humanitarian aid. This aid will be directed towards the‌ communities in the southern islands that have been‌ severely⁣ affected by ⁣the disaster, as stated by the U.S. embassy in Manila.

Furthermore, the U.S. Defense ⁣Department has also stepped in to​ provide assistance. ⁢They have supplied two ​C-130 cargo planes to aid in the delivery of food packs to the communities that have been impacted by this disaster.

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  1. Disagree. It’s devastating to see the rising fatalities, but it should push us to take immediate action and prioritize better safety measures.


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