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Democrats aim to reclaim US House seat left by Santos, diminish Republican majority


From the heart of WASHINGTON —‍ The Democratic ​Party is gearing up‌ to chip‍ away at the ‍slim majority⁢ held by Republicans in the U.S. House of​ Representatives. This will be attempted in⁣ a special election scheduled for Tuesday⁢ in New York, which aims to fill ‌the void left ⁣by the removal of Republican George Santos from⁣ the ‍chamber.

The contenders for the seat, which represents a small section ⁤of New York City and some of its eastern suburbs,‍ are Mazi Melesa Pilip and Tom Suozzi. Pilip, an Ethiopian-born Republican county ⁣legislator ‍with a background​ in ​the Israeli military, is up against Suozzi, a seasoned Democrat who has previously served as a congressman, county executive, and mayor.

The Republicans currently hold a slim and ​somewhat chaotic 219-212 majority in the House, a situation that ‌has proven challenging to manage.‌ This‌ was⁣ evident last‍ week​ when ⁣the chamber failed to pass a measure to impeach President Joe Biden’s top border official, Alejandro Mayorkas, falling short ‍by a single vote. The House‌ is set to vote on this​ measure⁢ again, hoping that the​ return of Steve Scalise, the No. 2 Republican, from cancer treatment will tip⁤ the scales in their favor.

Santos⁤ was ousted from the House following a‌ historic vote after serving for nearly 11 months. His colleagues voted him out ⁣due ‍to criminal corruption charges ‍and allegations of misusing⁣ campaign funds.

Early voting for this race ​kicked off on Feb. 3. Despite the district’s support for Biden in the 2020 election, Republicans in the New ⁤York ⁤area are known for their strong‍ turnout operation and have previously won several congressional seats ​in ‌the region.

However, a major ⁤winter storm forecasted ⁣for the region⁣ could potentially impact voter turnout on Tuesday.

Immigration ‍has⁤ emerged as a key issue in this election, mirroring the national sentiment ahead of ⁢the ‍anticipated rematch between Biden and former ‌President Donald Trump ‍in November.

Pilip ‍has consistently criticized ‍Suozzi and‍ the Democratic Party for ​their handling ​of ‍the southern border with Mexico. She has received endorsement‌ from a labor union⁣ representing Border Patrol officers.

In a Facebook post, Pilip stated, “I kept migrants‍ from being sent to Nassau and will secure⁢ the border when I get to ⁢Congress,” referring to Nassau ‌County.

On ‍the other hand, Suozzi ​has dismissed Pilip’s attacks as misleading and criticized ⁢her for lacking specific plans to address border security.⁢ He has highlighted his own bipartisan immigration compromise ​and condemned Republicans for rejecting a ⁣bipartisan border security deal negotiated in the Senate, which fell apart after Trump urged Republicans to reject ⁣it.

During the election’s only debate, Suozzi said, “Ms. Pilip‍ points out there’s ‍a ⁢problem,​ there’s a problem, there’s a ‌problem.⁤ She has no solutions.”

Neither of the candidates’ campaigns responded to requests for comment.

Lawrence Levy, ⁢the executive dean⁤ at Hofstra University’s ​National Center for Suburban Studies, ​believes that the special election could significantly influence both parties’ strategies in ⁣the suburbs in the‌ run-up to the November elections.

“This race could be a⁣ bellwether for swing suburban districts around the⁣ country that are going to decide who controls the gavels of Congress,”⁣ he said.

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