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Gunfire at Chiefs’ Super Bowl Parade Results in 1 Death, 22 Injured Including 8 Children


From the heart of KANSAS CITY,⁢ Mo. — A tragic incident unfolded at the conclusion ⁤of Wednesday’s⁣ parade, celebrating the Kansas City ⁢Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory. ‌A shooting erupted, claiming one life and injuring 22 others, ⁣including eight children. The incident sent shockwaves ​through ‌the crowd, as fans scrambled for safety amidst the chaos. This unfortunate event is yet ‍another instance of gun violence⁣ marring a high-profile public gathering.

During a ⁣press conference, Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves shared the grim details of the incident. She also mentioned that three individuals had been apprehended in connection with the⁣ shooting. ⁣While there were rumors of fans assisting in the capture of‌ a suspect, ⁣Graves could not confirm this at ⁣the time.

“Today’s events have left ⁤me deeply angered. ⁤Those who attended this celebration deserved a safe and secure environment,” Graves expressed. The police have yet to⁤ release any information regarding the individuals in custody or the potential motive behind the shootings.

This incident follows a disturbing trend of sports celebrations in the U.S. being disrupted by gun violence. Similar incidents occurred last⁢ year in Denver following the Nuggets’ NBA championship win and near the Texas Rangers’⁢ World Series championship ‌parade.

Disturbing footage circulated on social media, showing police navigating through the panicked crowd. One video captured a bystander performing chest compressions on a victim, while another person writhed in pain nearby. The background was filled with the terrified screams of ​the crowd.

Another video showed two brave individuals chasing and subduing a person, holding them down until the police arrived.

Kansas City has a long history of grappling with gun violence. ‍In 2020, ‌it was one of nine cities targeted by the U.S. ‌Justice Department in an effort to curb violent crime. In 2023, the⁢ city tied‌ its record with 182 ‌homicides, the majority​ of which involved firearms.

Mayor Quinton Lucas, along with other mayors across the country, has been advocating for new laws to reduce gun violence, including the implementation of universal background checks.

Lucas, who was present at the celebration with his wife and mother, expressed his heartbreak and anger over the incident. “This is an absolute tragedy, one that ⁣we never anticipated in Kansas City and one⁤ that will be remembered for a long time,” Lucas stated.

Lisa Money, a resident of Kansas⁤ City,‍ Kansas,⁤ was collecting confetti near the end ‌of the parade ​when‍ she heard someone shout, “Down, down,⁣ everybody down!” Initially, she⁤ thought it‌ was a joke until she saw the SWAT team jumping over the fence.

“I can’t believe this actually happened. Who in their right⁢ mind would do something like this? This was supposed to⁢ be a day of celebration for everyone in the city and the ‍surrounding area.⁤ And then some⁤ idiot decides to do something like this,” she lamented.

Kevin Sanders, 53, of Lenexa, Kansas, heard what he initially thought ⁤were ⁤firecrackers, followed by the sound of people running. After a brief period of calm, ambulances began to arrive. “It’s unfortunate ⁢that someone had to ruin the celebration, but we are in ⁢a big city,” Sanders remarked.

University Health spokeswoman Nancy Lewis reported that the⁤ hospital was treating eight gunshot victims, two ⁢of whom were in critical condition. The hospital was‍ also treating four individuals for injuries sustained in the ensuing chaos.

Lisa Augustine, a spokesperson for Children’s Mercy Kansas City, ⁤stated that the hospital was treating 12 patients from the rally, including 11 children, some of whom ⁤had suffered gunshot wounds.

St. Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City received ⁢one gunshot patient in critical condition and three walk-in patients with non-life-threatening injuries,‍ according to spokesperson Laurel Gifford.​ “When ⁢you have this many casualties, it’s going to get spread out among a lot of hospitals so that you don’t overwhelm any single ER,” she explained.

Chiefs trainer Rick Burkholder ‌was with coach Andy Reid and other team members at the time of the shooting. The team was on buses and returning ⁢to Arrowhead Stadium. “Praying ⁢for Kansas City,” tweeted Chiefs quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes, along⁤ with three prayer hand emojis.

Missouri’s Republican Gov. Mike Parson and first lady Teresa ⁤Parson were at the parade during the gunfire but were unharmed. ⁤”Thanks to the professionalism of our​ security officers and first ​responders, Teresa and I and our staff are safe and ⁤secure,” Parson ​stated.

A White House spokesperson confirmed that President Joe Biden has been briefed on the shooting⁣ in⁣ Kansas City and will continue to receive updates. Federal law enforcement is on the scene supporting local law enforcement, and White House officials have ⁣been in touch with state and local leaders.

Following the shooting, areas that had been bustling with crowds were left deserted, with police and firefighters standing behind an area cordoned off with yellow‌ tape.

Despite the tragedy, the city and the team each contributed around $1 ​million‍ for‍ the event, commemorating Travis Kelce, Mahomes, and the Chiefs’ historic achievement of being the first team since Tom Brady and the New England‌ Patriots two decades ago to defend their title.

After ‍decades without a championship, the city is gaining experience with victory parades. Five seasons ago, the Chiefs defeated the 49ers for the team’s first​ Super Bowl championship in 50 years. That followed the⁤ Kansas City Royals winning the World⁣ Series in 2015, the city’s first baseball ‌championship in 30 years. That year,⁤ fans ⁢abandoned⁣ their⁣ cars on the side of the highway so they could walk to⁤ the celebration.

Then, last year, the Chiefs defeated⁣ the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 and⁤ prophetically vowed they would be back for more.

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  1. Agree This is a tragic and heartbreaking incident. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this senseless act of violence.


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