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Source reveals US alerted allies regarding Russian space and nuclear potential


WASHINGTON — A source ⁣privy to the matter revealed to Reuters on Wednesday that the United⁢ States has informed Congress⁤ and‌ European allies about fresh intelligence concerning​ Russia’s nuclear capabilities, which could potentially pose⁢ a global threat.

These new capabilities, which are linked to Russia’s efforts to create a space-based weapon, do not⁤ currently pose⁣ an immediate​ threat to the ⁤United States, according to the source.

The intelligence surfaced following an enigmatic statement ​issued ​by Rep. Mike Turner, the Republican chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives intelligence committee, on Wednesday. He warned of a “grave national security threat.”

Subsequent ‌sources indicated that​ the warning pertained to Russian capabilities in ‌space, specifically satellites. One ‍source emphasized‍ the seriousness of the issue, but clarified that it is not related to an⁤ active capability and should not incite panic.

“I am urging President Biden to declassify all information​ related to this threat. ⁢This will enable ⁢Congress, ⁤the administration, and our allies to openly discuss the necessary actions to counter this threat,” Turner stated, ⁤without providing additional ⁤details.

According to a current and a former U.S. official cited by the New York Times, the ⁢new intelligence is connected⁤ to Russia’s attempts to develop⁤ a space-based anti-satellite nuclear weapon.⁤ ABC News also reported that the intelligence was related to such a capability. Current and⁤ former officials confirmed that the nuclear ‍weapon was not in⁤ orbit.

Turner’s statement was⁢ issued amidst ongoing debates⁣ in Congress about how the United States should handle global threats from Russia and other adversaries. Security hawks are advocating for increased global involvement, while some lawmakers, particularly those closely ⁢allied with former Republican President Donald Trump, are‍ pushing for a ⁢more isolationist “America ⁤First”⁣ approach to international affairs.

Turner recently led a ⁤bipartisan congressional delegation to Ukraine and subsequently warned his fellow lawmakers that Ukraine’s⁢ time to resist Russian invaders was dwindling.

The Biden administration has been escalating its criticism of House Republicans for potentially ‍obstructing a $95 billion bill passed by the Senate, which would provide aid⁢ to Ukraine, ​Israel, and⁢ Taiwan. Supporters of the bill argue that ⁤backing⁣ the⁣ government in Kyiv is crucial for the United States to counter threats from Russia that extend⁢ beyond ⁤Ukraine.

‘Not a cause for panic’

House Speaker Mike Johnson, a staunch Trump supporter who has stated he will not hastily allow a vote on the Senate bill, assured reporters at the Capitol that there was no⁢ cause for‍ public alarm. “Steady⁣ hands are at the ‍wheel. We’re working on it ⁢and there’s no need for alarm,” he said.

Sens. Mark Warner and Marco Rubio, the Democratic chairman and Republican vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, respectively, released a joint statement confirming that their committee has the intelligence in question and has ​been “rigorously” ‍monitoring the‌ issue.

A source familiar with the matter revealed that Warner and Rubio were briefed on the threat weeks‍ ago. The source ⁣clarified that⁢ while the issue is​ not unrelated to the security‌ spending bill, there is no direct link between them.

Rep. Jim Himes,⁢ the leading Democrat on the House intelligence panel, acknowledged the significance ⁣of the issue raised ​in Turner’s statement, but emphasized that​ “it is not a cause for panic.”

Jake Sullivan, President Joe Biden’s national security adviser, declined to⁢ provide specific details. He mentioned that he had scheduled a briefing for Thursday with congressional leaders, administration intelligence, and defense professionals. He expressed surprise at Turner’s decision ‌to ⁣issue the statement.

“I’m not ⁤in a position to say anything further today,” Sullivan told‌ a briefing. “Like I ⁣said, I look forward to the discussion with (Turner) and obviously from there⁢ we will determine how ‌to proceed, but standing here at the⁤ podium⁣ today I can’t share anything ⁣further.”

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  1. I disagree with the US decision to alert allies about Russian space and nuclear potential. This move may only escalate tensions and provoke a dangerous arms race.


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