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Bountiful Bread Cafe in Schenectady Shuts Down


SCHENECTADY — The city of Schenectady will soon⁢ bid⁢ farewell to a popular spot ⁣for soups and sandwiches.⁤ Bountiful Bread’s State Street⁤ dining area is set to close​ its doors this Friday. ‌However, ‍the bakery section ​of the business will continue to operate.

The supervisor of Bountiful Bread’s Schenectady location,⁢ Sully Zorqane, confirmed the news on Monday​ afternoon. The story was initially reported by ABC News10.

Meagan Loncaric, the marketing manager at White Management Corporation, explained the decision. “This shift in focus is designed to ⁢capitalize‍ on the opportunities within Bountiful Bread’s bakery and confectionery sections, as well as other assets owned by White Management Restaurant Group. These include Annabel’s Pizza Co., the ⁤Annabel’s Pizza Co. food truck, and Bountiful⁣ @ Frog Alley Catering, all of which‌ are looking to expand their‌ operations,” she said.

Zorqane revealed that the café has been grappling with a significant drop in foot⁢ traffic since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. He shared that the⁣ store needs to serve between 300 to ‍500 customers daily to remain profitable, but currently only sees between 100 to⁢ 150 customers “on a good day.” The café ‌needs to generate $50,000 a week to stay afloat, ⁣but ⁤is currently averaging about $10,000.

Despite the financial challenges, the owners kept the café open for 18 months longer than initially planned. However, they have now‍ decided to‌ close⁤ after losing between $500,000 to $600,000 in sales last year.

The café, known for its ​variety of toasts, burritos, and soups, is owned by White Management. The company also ⁢operates Annabel’s Pizza Co. nearby and another Bountiful Bread location in Stuyvesant Plaza in Albany. Both of these locations ⁣will remain open.

White Management officials did not⁢ provide specific financial details about the Schenectady location but issued a general statement disputing the financial details⁣ reported ⁤in the Gazette and the description of the restaurant’s menu.

Zorqane compared the café to Annabel’s, stating, “They get a lot busier than we do with the bar and they serve more‌ food that a lot‌ more people in this ‍area want ‌to see versus healthier food, I guess.”

Annabel’s supplies food, ‌including pizza, wings, nachos, and fries, for Frog Alley Brewing next door.

JT Pollard, owner ​of Frog Alley, expressed ‍his satisfaction that Frog Alley will continue to host White Management’s catering and ‍baking operations as⁣ well as Annabel’s Pizza ‌Co. He also mentioned ongoing discussions with other retailers to occupy the soon-to-be-vacant storefront, expressing confidence in filling the space quickly.

Zorqane reassured that​ the Bountiful Bread bakery will continue to operate, ‌as it has been successful and supplies bread for the⁣ Albany location​ and other wholesale accounts.

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