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New Executive Director Appointed at Safe Inc. in Schenectady


SCHENECTADY — Safe Inc. of Schenectady, a community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to aiding homeless and‌ vulnerable⁣ youth, is ‌excited ​to announce ‍the appointment of a‌ new executive director.

Kevin ‍Doherty has been chosen for the role, bringing with⁣ him over thirty years of experience ‌in the human ⁢services​ field. His previous roles‍ include positions with the state’s Office of Addiction Services ​and Supports, Division of ⁢Budget, and the St. Anne Institute⁤ in Albany.

Nettie⁢ Crossment, ‌the president of the‍ Safe Inc. board of ‌directors, expressed her enthusiasm about ​the appointment, stating, “Kevin brings a vast amount ‍of knowledge and expertise in serving our at-risk youth. We are eager to collaborate with‌ Kevin in his new role as executive director and have ​already ⁣started strategizing the‍ expansion ‍of our essential services.”

In the past three years, Doherty has been working as a ⁤grant ​consultant, assisting various nonprofit organizations in crafting grant proposals. Before this, he ⁤served as⁣ a clinical ‌services director for St. ‌Anne Institute, a nonprofit that provides counseling-based treatment to children and families in crisis, as ​per a recent press⁢ release.

During⁤ his tenure at St. Anne’s, Doherty ‌was responsible for the daily ‍operations of approximately 50 clinical, case management, ⁣and support staff within ⁢the organization’s residential and outpatient program.

Doherty also held the ‍position‍ of assistant director​ with​ the Bureau of Addiction ⁢Treatment Centers, a division ⁣of the state’s Office ⁤of Addiction Services and Supports, where​ he managed 12 state-operated addiction treatment centers. In his role at the state’s Division of⁤ Budget, Doherty served​ as director of the Bureau of ‍Financial Management, overseeing funding for over 1,500 programs, as per a press release.

In ⁢his new role at Safe Inc. of Schenectady, ⁤Doherty expressed his eagerness to contribute to the organization’s mission and vision to eradicate youth homelessness, exploitation, and⁤ to create a⁤ safe community where youth can mature ‌into self-reliant adults.

Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton, a skillful journalist previously based in Boston, is adept at covering a diverse array of stories. Her thorough and engaging reporting style, honed with a Master's in Journalism from Boston University, focuses on community-relevant stories.
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  1. Finally, some fresh leadership to shake things up! Can’t wait to see what positive changes the new executive director brings to Safe Inc. in Schenectady.


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