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Police Suggest Argument Could Have Triggered Mass Shooting Following Chiefs Super Bowl Parade


From the heart of KANSAS ⁢CITY, Mo. — A tragic incident unfolded amidst ⁤the sea of‍ people gathered to celebrate the Kansas City Chiefs’⁣ Super Bowl victory. A mass shooting resulted in the death of one individual and left nearly two dozen injured. The authorities, on ⁣Thursday, suggested that the incident was likely the result of a dispute among a few individuals.

Stacey⁢ Graves, the Kansas ⁢City Police Chief, revealed⁢ that the victims of Wednesday’s unfortunate event ranged​ from 8 to 47 years old, with half of them ⁣being under 16. A mother ‌of two was among the deceased.

The police managed⁤ to detain three individuals in connection with⁤ the shooting. However, one of ⁢them⁤ was released after being found uninvolved, leaving two juveniles in⁤ custody. No charges have been filed yet.⁣ The police are actively seeking other potential suspects and have urged witnesses, individuals with cellphone footage, and victims to come ‍forward and contact a dedicated hotline.

“We are working tirelessly to determine the involvement of others. ​It’s worth mentioning that we⁢ have recovered several firearms. ​This incident is still under active investigation,” stated ⁣Graves during a press conference.

The shooting took place outside Union Station, despite⁢ the presence of over 800 police⁣ officers in the vicinity, including atop nearby structures. ‍Mayor Quinton​ Lucas, who was present at the scene with his wife and mother, had to run for safety when the shots were fired. However, he does ⁤not anticipate cancelling the upcoming St. Patrick’s ​Day parade.

“We host​ parades regularly. I don’t foresee them ending. We are well aware of the public safety challenges and issues ‌associated with them,” Lucas commented.

Wednesday’s celebration was the third parade in four years, with the previous ones being peaceful.

The parade route was packed with fans, some even climbing trees and street poles for a‍ better​ view. The players were welcomed with DJs‍ and drummers as they rolled through on double-decker buses.

Graves estimated that around 1 million people attended ‍the parade in a city with a population of about 470,000 and a metropolitan area of about⁣ 2 million. He emphasized that the violence was the act of a few individuals.

“The response from law enforcement was commendable. The attendees also responded appropriately,” added Graves.

Trey Filter, a 40-year-old man, was⁣ among those who responded. He was leaving the event with ⁤his family when he ⁣heard shouts of “get ‍him.”⁢ He saw a man running away ​and, along with another bystander, attempted to tackle him. Filter managed to jump on top ⁤of the⁣ man.

“I don’t know what came over me,”​ recalled⁣ Filter, the owner of an asphalt and concrete company. “We were like, ‘We got him.’ I’ll always remember‍ that. And then⁣ they started screaming, ‘There’s a gun!'”

The men searched for the gun,‍ which had been knocked loose during the scuffle. The⁣ gun had⁢ fallen near Filter’s wife, Casey Filter, who‌ picked it up. At that point, ⁢the man who had fled was under a pile⁢ of people about 10 ‌feet away.

And we all train for this, we’re all prepared to take care of these children. But it doesn’t negate the fact that it’s⁢ still not normal⁤ for people⁢ to see ⁤many, many ‍people wounded by gunshots.

–Dr. Stephanie Burrus

Trey Filter, ⁣who resides outside Wichita, was‍ still ‌processing the chaotic‌ event​ on‌ Thursday. But he was relieved that the situation wasn’t worse.

“I’m sure there were a thousand other men there that ⁢would have ⁤done the same,” ‍he said.

The police have not identified Filter ⁢as the man who intervened‌ or ‍confirmed whether ⁣the man he tackled was ⁤a suspect.

Meanwhile, the police are still urging witnesses to come forward with ‍information. Many described a wave of confusion that swept through the crowd.

The rally had just ended ⁣and music was still playing when the shots were fired. Many initially mistook the gunshots for fireworks. But then panic ensued. Some in ⁢the crowd hit the‍ ground while others jumped over barriers ‍and ran, some carrying children in their arms.

The crowd was so⁤ large‍ that normalcy returned quickly, with some fans unsure of what ‌had transpired. But then ambulances arrived and officers rushed in with guns drawn. Some of the⁢ less seriously injured were driven away on golf carts.

The shocked crowd — some in tears — slowly gathered their belongings, trying⁣ to figure out how to⁤ get home. Strangers comforted each other as police put up crime scene tape in an area where moments earlier there had been a joyous celebration.

Hank Hunter, a sophomore ⁢at a Kansas high school, said ⁢he heard shots in the distance while watching the rally ​with a friend. Initially, they didn’t know⁣ what it was, ⁢but then “like a chain reaction,” people ​started hitting the ⁤ground.

They ran to jump over‌ a barricade and his friend ⁢slammed his head into the‌ concrete, Hunter said. A security guard ushered his​ friend into Union Station, which was closed to the general public,⁢ as the players and coaches prepared ⁣to leave on⁤ buses. There, coach Andy Reid consoled⁤ his friend and ⁤”just ⁤tried ⁢to comfort him⁣ and‍ calm him down.”

Social media users ‌posted shocking videos of police running through Wednesday’s crowded scene. One video showed ⁣someone apparently performing chest compressions on a victim as another person,‍ seemingly writhing in pain, lay on the⁤ ground nearby. People screamed in the background.

The woman killed⁢ in the shooting was identified​ by radio station KKFI-FM as Lisa Lopez-Galvan,⁢ host of “Taste of Tejano.”

Lopez-Galvan,​ whose DJ name was ‌”Lisa G,”‍ was⁤ an ⁣extrovert⁢ and ‌devoted mother from a prominent Latino family ⁢in the area, said Rosa Izurieta ⁢and Martha Ramirez, ‌two childhood friends who worked with her at a staffing company.

“She’s the type of person who ​would jump in front of a bullet for anybody⁤ — that would be Lisa,” Izurieta said.

Kansas City has long struggled with gun⁢ violence, and in 2020 it⁤ was among nine​ cities targeted by the ⁣U.S. Justice ‌Department in an effort to ‍crack down on violent⁤ crime. In 2023, the city matched a record ‌with 182 homicides, most of which involved guns.

Lucas‌ has joined⁤ with mayors across the country in calling for new laws to reduce gun violence, including mandating universal background checks.

Meanwhile, University⁣ Health ‌Truman Medical Center reported that three ‌people with‌ gunshot wounds were⁣ still being treated there Thursday, including two in critical condition. One‌ is a man who survived only because ⁣staff got him to the operating ⁢room within five ⁤minutes of ⁤arrival, Dr. Dustin Neel said.

St. ‍Luke’s Hospital spokesperson⁤ Emily Hohenberg said one gunshot victim ​remains in critical condition there.

Children’s Mercy Kansas City said ⁣three children remain ⁣there. It had received 11 children between the ages of 6 and 15, nine of whom suffered gunshot wounds. All were ‍expected‍ to recover.

Stephanie Meyer, the ⁢hospital’s chief nursing officer, said at a Thursday news conference that the‍ kids are scared and will need mental health support. The hospital’s staff members‍ are also struggling.

“They’re struggling just like you and I are, and​ unbelievably heartbroken that this has happened in our backyard,” said‍ Dr. Stephanie Burrus, the hospital’s chief​ wellbeing officer. “And we all train for this, we’re ​all prepared to take care of these children. But it doesn’t negate the‌ fact that it’s still not ‌normal⁣ for people to see many, many people wounded by gunshots.”

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