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Schenectady ARC Finalizes Building Agreement with Crossroads Center for Children


The former Schenectady ARC building has been officially acquired by the Crossroads Center for Children, following a successful agreement on Tuesday.

Located at 395 Becker Drive in Princetown, the Crossroads Center is set to host a groundbreaking ceremony soon. The immediate plan is to commence renovations on the 22,000 square-foot, single-story building.

The building will undergo a transformation to accommodate classrooms, therapy and clinic spaces, a gymnasium, and shared spaces for conferences, training, and meetings. In the long run, Crossroads has an ambitious plan to add a 2,800 square-foot wing, which will link three existing wings and form an enclosed courtyard.

“The essence of this project is to create an enhanced educational environment tailored to the unique needs of children with autism,” stated Kelly Young, the Executive Director of Crossroads Center. “Our committed team of over 90 professionals has been tirelessly working to bridge the gap between existing educational services and the aspirations of our students. This new space will have a direct impact on the learning experience of these children.”

The goal is to complete the move by Fall 2024.

The comprehensive plan of Crossroads requires a budget of $7.4 million, which will be sourced from financing and a $2 million capital fundraising campaign. The project received a special permit from the Town of Princetown Planning Board in September 2023, and has garnered widespread support from families and community leaders, according to Crossroads.

Initial financial contributions include donations from the Christopher Dailey Foundation, CDPHP, Price Chopper’s Golub Foundation, and a generous $100,000 grant from The Schenectady Foundation.

“The Foundation is honored to back Crossroads in their mission to provide exceptional services to our community,” said Robert Carreau, the Executive Director of The Schenectady Foundation. “This significant step of purchasing and renovating a building to better serve the children and families in their care is one we felt strongly about supporting.”

Since 2010, Crossroads has been renting space on North Westcott Road in Schenectady.

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  1. Great news for the Schenectady ARC and Crossroads Center for Children! Excited to see the positive impact this building agreement will have on their programs and services.


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