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Scores Saved from Ice Floe Entrapment in Russia’s Far East


SAKHALIN, Russia — A dramatic rescue operation unfolded on the icy waters⁣ off Sakhalin island in the Russian Far‌ East on Sunday, as at least 75 individuals were saved after being stranded on a ‍detached ice floe.

Sakhalin, the⁤ largest⁢ island of Russia, is a sprawling‌ 621-mile landmass situated off the eastern coast of Russia and ‍just ⁤above Japan.

According to emergency services, a ⁢massive 50-meter ice floe unexpectedly broke away near the‌ village of Starodubskoye in the Sea of Okhotsk, which lies between Russia and Japan. This incident left over 80 fishermen marooned about a kilometer from the‍ shore.

Rescue operations are currently underway, with the support of a Mi-8 helicopter from the ministry.

Local emergency ‌services initially received reports on Sunday morning⁣ indicating that a group of fishermen, numbering more than a dozen, were‍ stranded on the ice floe.

In response, rescue teams were promptly dispatched by car and motorboat to the scene.

Although⁢ Sakhalin​ is not a popular tourist destination, it⁣ is ⁢not unusual for individuals to find themselves trapped on ice ‍floes in this region of Russia.

The island has witnessed a surge in visitors in recent years, ⁣primarily due ⁣to the expansion of offshore ⁢oil ​and gas fields.

As per the reports from Russian state media RIA Novosti, in 2020, a total of⁣ 536 ice fishermen were rescued from an ice floe that had detached from⁢ the shore near ​Mordvinov Bay on⁢ Sakhalin.

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