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Sen. Mitt Romney Reveals His Choice for a Candidate to Challenge Trump and Biden


From the‌ heart of SALT LAKE CITY, ‌news broke that Democratic Senator Joe⁤ Manchin of West Virginia, ‍a close ally of Utah Senator Mitt ⁣Romney, declared on Friday morning that he‍ would not be entering the presidential race.⁤ Romney, who ​was attending a press⁢ conference at a passport fair in Salt Lake City, was taken aback by ‍the announcement.

“Really? He said ⁢that?” Romney queried, humorously suggesting that Manchin might ‌reconsider his decision.‌ Earlier in the week, Manchin had hinted at the possibility ‌of Romney being his choice for vice president. However, the next day, Romney ‌clarified that he has⁢ no intentions of running for president in 2024, let alone as Manchin’s vice president.

When the Deseret News inquired about Romney’s ideal third-party candidate to compete⁣ against probable 2024 presidential candidates President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, he responded, “I would welcome any ​Republican candidate, except President Trump.”

Romney’s‌ Preference for ⁤GOP Presidential Candidates —⁣ Excluding Trump and Ramaswamy

“There were several individuals who contested in the Republican primary for president.‌ I​ would⁢ have supported any of them, except perhaps‍ Vivek Ramaswamy, and would have been pleased to see them leading our⁤ party,” ‍stated ⁣the Utah senator. He ⁤expressed‌ similar sentiments⁢ about several‍ Republican governors and senators.

“In my opinion, the​ role of president‍ requires⁣ someone with sound judgment and capability, but also someone of character. The character of the individual leading the ⁢country significantly influences the character ⁤of the entire nation,” Romney opined. “President Trump, aside from the concluded lawsuits⁢ and what we⁢ already know about him, has a character deficit that significantly ‌impacts our children​ and the ⁣national​ psyche.”

“In my ⁤opinion, the ⁤role⁣ of president requires someone with‌ sound judgment and⁣ capability,⁢ but also someone of character. The character of the ‍individual leading the country significantly influences ​the⁣ character of the entire nation.”

–Sen. Mitt Romney

On Friday, a New York judge ordered Trump and his company to pay​ $355 million in damages. This verdict, which ‍also prohibits Trump from serving on the ⁣board of any New York company, follows a three-month-long civil fraud trial ⁣over allegations of exaggerated⁣ and fraudulent financial statements from his company.

Trump has⁣ been indicted four times ​and faces other criminal charges related to hush-money payments, withholding classified documents‍ after leaving office, and attempting ‌to overturn the 2020 election result.

“The ‍legal challenges that former President Trump faces will be resolved in⁣ the courts,” Romney ⁤said, adding, ⁤”I’m sure⁢ he will appeal extensively.”

Romney reaffirmed his stance: “Some might consider me old-fashioned, but I draw‌ the line at sexual assault when considering​ who ‍I⁣ want as president of the United States,” he said, referring to a civil case against Trump brought by writer ‌E. Jean Carroll, in which⁢ a jury found ​Trump liable for defamation and sexual abuse.


He further stated that ⁤while he does not support​ Trump, he agrees with ⁤many of his policies.

“I frequently voted‍ with⁢ him ⁤when he was president and I ‌was serving ⁤in the Senate, actually more often than ‌many others,” Romney said. “But when it comes to character,‍ in my view, he is not the kind of individual ‌you want representing the greatest nation on Earth.”

Romney confessed that he was unsure about his vote in this year’s presidential election. In the past, he voted for his wife, Ann, ⁤primarily because they resided⁣ in Utah, a ​staunchly‍ red ⁢state. ⁣”If we⁤ were ​in Georgia or Michigan or somewhere else, I’m not sure what⁢ I would do.”

Romney’s Reaction to the Death of Alexei Navalny

During the press ⁣conference, Romney was asked about his⁤ reaction ⁤to the death of Russian opposition‌ leader ⁣Alexei Navalny,​ who passed away in prison on Friday.

Navalny⁢ was‍ a vocal critic⁢ of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“This ​is yet another day that⁢ highlights the fact that Vladimir‌ Putin is not a good person, but⁣ an evil⁢ one,” Romney declared. “Not only did ⁢he brutally invade a sovereign nation, Ukraine, and attempt⁢ to seize ⁤its⁣ capital and take over the country, but ⁤he also ruthlessly murders people within his own⁢ country.”

Romney commented⁣ on the premature deaths of many of Putin’s opponents, including Navalny.

“It’s appalling that the world does not recognize that Vladimir Putin ​is a‍ very​ bad person. And I’m proud to be part of a ​nation where we have‌ disagreements, but where we respect one another, respect the rule of law,​ and do not tolerate the kind of brutality that you’re seeing at the hands of Vladimir Putin.”

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