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Two Police Officers and a First Responder Murdered at Minnesota Domestic Incident; Suspect Also Deceased


In the quiet suburban ‌neighborhood of Burnsville, Minnesota, a tragic incident unfolded on Sunday. A heavily armed man opened fire ‌on police officers from both the ‌upper and lower levels of a residential home, resulting in the death of two officers and a firefighter, according to local authorities.

The suspect, ⁤who was also killed in the incident, managed to wound a third officer during the shooting spree. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal ⁢Apprehension is currently investigating the incident, with Superintendent Drew ⁢Evans confirming that there ‌was an exchange of gunfire.

The firefighter and paramedic who lost his life was attending to an injured officer when he was fatally shot. Superintendent Evans revealed during a press conference that the paramedic was part of a SWAT team that had been dispatched to handle a domestic situation.

The‌ incident ⁢began when officers responded to a call about an armed man who had barricaded himself inside a home with his family, including seven children. Thankfully,⁣ the family was able to escape the home​ unharmed.

The exact circumstances surrounding the suspect’s death have not yet been disclosed. The suburban neighborhood​ where⁣ the incident took place was cordoned off with police cars, keeping the media and⁤ public at a‌ safe⁤ distance.

City⁣ officials released a statement explaining that the⁣ incident began as ‍a domestic situation report. The situation ‍quickly escalated into a deadly exchange of gunfire, ⁢resulting in the tragic loss⁤ of the officers and‌ first responder.

The Minnesota Police and Peace​ Officers Association‌ revealed that negotiations with the suspect lasted for four hours before the ‌SWAT team ‌entered the home. ⁤The seven‍ children inside the house were​ safely evacuated.

The fallen officers were identified as Paul Elmstrand‍ and Matthew Ruge, both⁢ 27 years ⁢old. ​Adam Finseth, 40, a firefighter and paramedic, was also killed in the‍ incident.⁣ Another officer, Sgt. Adam Medlicott, was injured and is ⁣currently receiving treatment at a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

The incident took place in a peaceful, tree-lined ⁢neighborhood. A police armored vehicle parked nearby showed signs of bullet damage, although it is ‍unclear if this ⁢was ⁣a result of the incident. The⁤ street was filled‍ with⁢ police cars, firefighters,​ and ambulances.

Recordings from police ​scanners captured ⁢the tense ‌moments, with a ⁣distressed man heard saying, “I need an ambulance,” as he struggled to breathe. ⁤Later, someone could be ‍heard discussing the critical ⁣condition⁢ of ‍three individuals.

Minnesota Gov. Tim⁢ Walz expressed his condolences, stating, “We must never take⁣ for‍ granted the bravery⁣ and sacrifices our police officers and first responders ⁣make​ every day. My heart is‌ with their families⁤ today and the entire⁤ State of Minnesota stands with Burnsville.”

Law enforcement agencies across the ⁤state posted messages of condolence⁢ on social ​media, including images of badges with blue bars through them, a symbol of‍ solidarity in mourning.

As the ‍bodies of the⁢ deceased were transported ⁢from the hospital to the medical⁣ examiner’s office, officers saluted in respect. Medical staff watched‍ in their ⁢scrubs.

The Law Enforcement Labor Services, which represents the officers and supervisors of the Burnsville Police Department, expressed their condolences. ⁢Executive Director Jim Mortenson stated, “thoughts and prayers are with the family of the officers and first ‌responder” who ‌responded to​ the incident.

The State’s ⁤Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is currently investigating the‍ shooting and will provide more information in‍ due course. The agency often assists⁤ smaller law enforcement agencies that lack sufficient resources.

In neighboring Goodhue County, Sheriff Marty Kelly expressed his‍ support, stating, “In times like‍ these, it is essential to ⁤come together as a‍ community ⁤and support one another through‌ the uncertainty and grief.”

Democratic Rep. Angie Craig of Minnesota offered federal resources to‌ assist with the ⁣situation, ​stating, “Today serves as another solemn reminder that those who protect our communities do so at ‍great personal risk.”

Burnsville, a city ‌of​ approximately 64,000 residents, is‍ located about 15 ⁢miles‍ south ⁤of downtown Minneapolis.

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