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Gov. Hochul unveils strategy to permanently allow take-away beverages in New York State


BUFFALO, N.Y.⁤ (WKBW) — ‌In a recent announcement, Governor Kathy Hochul⁤ revealed her plans to make to-go drinks a​ permanent fixture in New York State as part⁤ of ‍her proposed budget.

This initiative was initially‌ introduced during​ the early stages of‌ the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a ⁣lifeline for bars and restaurants, helping them navigate through the challenging‍ times of closures and restrictions.

The President and ‌CEO of the New York State Restaurant Association, Melissa Fleischut, expressed her support for the governor’s ⁤initiative. She released ⁢a statement saying:

“We, in ​the hospitality industry, ⁤are grateful to Governor Hochul for acknowledging the significant ‍role that ‍to-go drinks have played in​ sustaining our businesses. Our members are grappling with a host of challenges, ⁤from inflation to staffing ​issues, which are thinning our profit margins. Every ​day⁤ brings a new struggle,‍ and many are still trying to recover from the losses incurred during⁢ the peak of the ⁣pandemic. In a‍ nutshell, every little bit of support ‌counts. We​ urge the state‌ Legislature to follow in‍ the governor’s footsteps and make to-go drinks a permanent feature.”

Fleischut was a⁢ guest on 7 Voices last Friday,‌ where she delved deeper into the plan. ⁣The full conversation can be ⁣viewed in the video player above.

Alejandro Mendoza
Alejandro Mendoza
Alejandro Mendoza is a dedicated journalist, known for his in-depth research and commitment to truth. A graduate of Columbia University's School of Journalism, he specializes in revealing and reporting on significant local issues.
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