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Cox Unveils his Disagree Better Initiative in Washington


From the heart of SALT LAKE CITY — Utah’s Governor, Spencer Cox, made his way to ​Washington‌ on Wednesday to shed light on⁣ his innovative Disagree Better ‌initiative.

As the current ‌chairman of the‍ National Governor’s Association, Cox​ participated in a crucial discussion in the ⁤nation’s capital. The ​conversation revolved around ‌the current state of bipartisanship in America and ⁤the pressing⁣ need to mitigate​ the growing divisiveness.

With a mission to foster​ a culture‌ of respectful⁣ disagreement, Cox shared the stage ‍with Gov. Wes Moore, D-Maryland, at the prestigious Economic Club of Washington, D.C. The⁣ duo addressed questions about how government, states, and​ communities can elevate their response to each other and work collaboratively to achieve common goals.

In a time where consensus seems elusive, Cox is‍ determined to propagate his and Utah’s vision‍ of setting aside differences and instead, focusing on forging meaningful solutions.

“The ‍art of disagreeing in a ⁤respectful manner — engaging in healthy debates — staying true ⁢to your ⁣principles,” Cox emphasized. “Maintaining your core values without belittling or tearing apart the opposition, and in the process, discovering common ground where we can collaborate to solve problems.”

When asked about the origin of‍ this growing divisiveness, ⁣Cox pointed towards loneliness as one ‍of the primary⁢ causes.

The human need for community, coupled​ with the⁤ double-edged⁢ sword of social media, has significantly influenced​ how we perceive ⁣ourselves and others, Cox explained.

“We ⁢never used to define ourselves by ⁤our ⁣political affiliations,” he reminisced. “During my childhood, ‍I was oblivious to the‍ political leanings ⁢of my town’s residents ⁣or my congregation’s members. But now, it’s the first identifier. It’s​ the first ⁣thing most people ​use to define themselves.”

Cox passionately⁤ urged ‌people to ​lend an ear ​to others, emphasizing that the willingness to listen⁤ can‍ trigger significant‌ waves of change.

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