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11 Empty Buildings in Schenectady County to be Torn Down by Capital Region Land Bank


Exciting ⁤changes are on⁤ the horizon for Schenectady County, as a series of vacant​ buildings are slated for demolition in the upcoming months.

The Capital Region Land Bank has‍ recently⁤ announced its plans to issue bids for the demolition⁢ of 11 structures, with the work expected ⁢to commence in the spring and early summer. The Metroplex Development Authority, which oversees the organization, ‍is set to ⁢receive the bids​ by March 12.

Among⁢ the properties scheduled for demolition are⁤ 140 Elm St.‍ in the village of‍ Delanson, 13 Habel Lane and 210 Chism St. in the towns ‌of Glenville and Rotterdam respectively, as per the latest ⁣news release.

In the city of Schenectady, the buildings at 519 ⁢and 608 South Ave., along with ‍a dilapidated six-stall garage, are also set to be razed. Additionally, the structures⁣ at 532, 532⁢ ½, 534, 535 ½ and 536⁤ Paige ‍St. are included in the demolition plan.

Last year, the Land Bank ⁤successfully demolished 12 buildings in⁤ downtown ⁣Schenectady, specifically in the Erie‌ Boulevard area. Furthermore, plans are underway for seven more demolitions on Albany Street in‌ the Hamilton Hill ‍neighborhood.

Richard Ruzzo, the chair of the Land Bank and a District 1⁣ representative in ​the Schenectady County Legislature, expressed ⁣his satisfaction with the progress. He stated, “The Land Bank’s mission ‌is to eliminate⁢ structures that detract ⁢from property values and negatively impact​ nearby residents. We are⁣ pleased to move forward with 11 more blight-busting demolitions continuing the positive momentum in our neighborhoods.”

Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton, a skillful journalist previously based in Boston, is adept at covering a diverse array of stories. Her thorough and engaging reporting style, honed with a Master's in Journalism from Boston University, focuses on community-relevant stories.
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