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AT&T to provide billing adjustments for customers affected by service disruption


WASHINGTON — In response to a significant wireless outage that occurred earlier this week, AT&T has announced that it will be issuing ⁤billing⁢ credits to affected customers,‌ the company confirmed late Saturday.

AT&T, a⁣ leading telecommunications company with​ a 5G network that spans across the United States and serves approximately 290 million​ people, experienced a service disruption that lasted for over 10 hours on Thursday.

The company ⁤managed ‍to restore wireless service late⁢ on ⁣Thursday and attributed the issue to‍ “the application⁢ and ‍execution of an incorrect process” that was used during network expansion.

On⁢ Saturday, AT&T announced that it ⁤would be‌ compensating​ affected‌ customers by crediting them for the average cost⁣ of a full day ‌of service. The company acknowledged the inconvenience caused by the outage and ⁣expressed regret for letting down its customers. “We’re also taking steps to prevent this from happening ⁣again in the future,” the company⁤ added.

As of late Saturday, ​a company spokesperson was unable ⁤to provide an⁣ estimate of the number of customers affected by the outage.

The⁤ Federal Communications ‌Commission (FCC) stated‍ on Thursday that ‍it was investigating the incident. In addition, the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency is collaborating with⁢ AT&T to understand the‌ cause of the outage. AT&T clarified on Thursday that it​ did⁢ not believe the outage was the result‌ of a cyber attack.

The outage had serious implications, affecting people’s ⁣ability to reach emergency services‌ by dialing ⁣911, as reported by government departments in‌ several U.S. cities.

In a similar ⁤incident in 2021, regulators ‌settled a probe ⁢into a June 2020 T-Mobile⁤ outage‌ that lasted⁣ over 12 ‍hours and resulted ⁣in more than 20,000 failed 911 emergency calls, with a fine of $19.5 million. In⁤ that case,⁤ the FCC estimated⁢ that “over⁣ 250 million calls … from ⁤other service providers’ subscribers⁣ to T-Mobile subscribers ⁢failed due ⁣to the outage” and “at least 41% of all calls​ that attempted ‍to use ⁣T-Mobile’s network during the outage did⁣ not complete successfully.”

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