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Historic Schenectady Structure to be Transformed into Apartment Complex


SCHENECTADY — A prominent downtown Schenectady pub owner has unveiled plans to invest a whopping $400,000 to breathe new⁢ life into a historic late 19th-century building, transforming it‍ into ‍desirable market-rate⁢ apartments.

The man behind this ambitious project is Terry Aldrich, the proud⁢ owner⁤ of The Backstage Pub on Smith Street. His‌ sights are set on the renovation of 417 ​Union St., a multi-story residence built in 1897, ⁤nestled in the heart of the Union Street Historic District.

The project blueprint involves the conversion of the building ‌into ‍three high-quality apartment units. ‍These units will feature new flooring, updated plumbing‍ and electrical systems, and modernized kitchens and bathrooms,‍ as per a press release from⁤ the Schenectady County Metroplex ⁢Development Authority.

Additionally, the plans include⁤ the installation of a new roof. The⁤ Metroplex will also be contributing a‍ $40,000 grant to fund improvements to⁤ the building’s façade.

During a recent​ meeting, Ray Gillen, the Metroplex chair, expressed that the restoration of this property will complement the recent investments in the Little⁣ Italy area. He emphasized that⁣ this project is yet another example​ of the development authority’s‌ commitment to preserving historic buildings.

“This building needs our attention,” he stated.

In the past, Metroplex has ​successfully added numerous city buildings​ to the State and National Historic​ Registries. This‍ strategy not only protects these structures ‌from potential demolition but​ also unlocks tax credits that can be used to fund their restoration.

This⁣ approach was recently‌ employed to restore the Wedgeway Building, a prominent structure at the intersection of State Street and Erie Boulevard. This building, which once ​housed the State Theater, had been a target of city code violations ⁤for years. It is now being redeveloped by Cass Hill Development of Latham.

Gillen ⁢revealed that Aldrich is also planning⁢ to restore an adjacent building on Union Street, which was formerly JoJo’s Auto Service, an auto repair shop owned by Aldrich’s grandfather. These plans ​could be set in motion as early as next month.

Last ⁢year, Aldrich shared with the Daily Gazette his aspiration to open a bar⁢ at⁤ this ⁢location, named in honor of his grandfather’s former‍ auto garage.

“I am eager to commence the restoration of 417 Union. This‌ project⁣ will be a fantastic addition to the neighborhood and I am⁤ grateful for all the support ​Metroplex has provided,” Aldrich said. “My grandfather⁢ JoJo⁢ also owned the property next door, JoJo’s Auto Service, and we are excited to introduce a fresh ​concept to ⁢that location soon.”

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