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Pet Diaries: It’s the Perfect Moment to Snap Your Pet’s Greatest Picture


Get ready⁤ to ‍showcase your beloved pet in the Animal Protective ‌Foundation’s‌ (APF) third annual pet ⁣calendar photo contest! Your furry, feathery,​ or scaly friend could be the⁣ star⁣ of‍ the cover or even be featured as⁢ the pet of the ‍month. However, the competition‌ is tough, so here are⁣ some helpful ⁤tips to ensure your pet’s photo stands out from the crowd. And don’t worry, you ‍don’t need⁣ a professional camera to capture a winning shot⁤ – ​your phone ⁢or a simple point-and-shoot camera will do just ‍fine. Just keep these guidelines⁣ in mind:

  • Lighting is Key. If you’re indoors, try to ⁣photograph your ‌pet‌ near a window.‌ If you’re outside on a sunny day, find a shady spot to avoid harsh glare and squinting. This is especially⁣ important ⁣for pets ⁣with dark fur – you​ want ⁤their eyes to be clearly visible.
  • Capture‌ their Personality. This could be a characteristic facial expression, a moment​ of play with other pets or people, or even a display of their various moods. Try to capture the essence of⁤ your pet. ⁢For instance, if⁢ your ⁤energetic⁢ dog also⁣ enjoys quiet moments, try to capture‌ both. It’s always fun to see pets interacting ‍with each other or with children in the household. ⁤If your pet is more playful or⁢ reserved, try to showcase that. You could also‍ highlight their favorite environments, like lounging in a sunny spot, running in a field, or playing at the beach. ⁤For dogs, try making ​unusual noises to get a cute head tilt. Ensure your pet looks relaxed – their ears should⁢ be alert, not pinned back in fear, and their body language should be casual.

Try to get a low‍ Angle. Aim to have your eyes on⁤ the ‌same level as your pet’s eyes.⁢ You might even need to lie on the floor. A direct gaze⁣ into the camera can create a powerful connection with the viewer.

Remove Distractions. Be ⁢aware of what‌ else is in⁤ the ⁢frame. The camera tends to “flatten” ‍everything and⁤ doesn’t show depth as well as our eyes do. If there’s too much going on‍ in the background, remove it or ⁤change your shooting spot so⁢ your pet stands out. Try using a plain wall or⁣ a pretty curtain as a backdrop.

Try to Contrast your pet with the background.⁢ A dark-furred animal will stand out against a light-colored wall and vice⁣ versa. A black puppy held by someone wearing​ a black T-shirt will just blend in.

Consider using the Edit options on your phone camera. Do you want to‌ highlight your​ pet’s​ expressive eyes or their playful movements? Experiment with​ different crops to zoom in or out. If ​your photo​ has ‍many colors, try converting ⁢it to black and white for ⁤a less distracting look. If your photo includes a landscape and the horizon ‍is crooked, straighten it using your phone’s tools. Feel free to experiment⁤ until you get the perfect shot, but avoid overusing filters as they can sometimes detract from‍ the image. Remember, ⁣less is more when it ‍comes to editing.

That’s all there is to it! Grab your⁤ pet and your camera, and let the fun begin!

For more information about APF’s pet calendar photo contest, visit animalprotective.org/photo or email chronicles@animalprotective.org.

Kiara Thomas
Kiara Thomas
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