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Two Years Post Russia’s Invasion, Scores Rally in Solidarity with Ukraine


From the heart of SALT LAKE CITY, a crowd assembled on the Utah Capitol’s grand steps​ this past Saturday. ⁢Their purpose? To stand in unity with Ukraine, marking the second year since Russia’s incursion.

Alia Herrod, a participant in the rally, voiced her ⁢concern, “It seems as though the world is slowly forgetting the ongoing crisis in‌ Ukraine,” she said.

Herrod,⁤ a native of Ukraine, confessed that the thought of the ⁢ongoing conflict‌ is a source of deep pain. “My family is still there, it’s incredibly difficult,” ‍she shared.

Many attendees, like Herrod, donned the ⁢national colors of Ukraine – blue⁣ and yellow. They proudly waved the Ukrainian flag and held up signs expressing their solidarity.

Similar rallies were held in⁣ other major cities across‌ the United⁣ States, including Washington, D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, and New York City, all echoing the same ‍message of support for Ukraine.

Basil Newmerzhycky, a representative of the Utah Ukrainian Association,​ explained that the rally served as a poignant reminder of the lives lost since the war’s inception.

Tens of thousands of civilians and hundreds of thousands of soldiers have suffered casualties,” Newmerzhycky‌ lamented.

According to Newmerzhycky, the rally also aimed to catch the attention of the U.S. Congress, ‌urging them to pass legislation for continued aid to Ukraine. The Senate recently approved‌ a $95 billion security assistance package, which includes⁣ a substantial $61⁢ billion allocation for Ukraine.

Utah’s Sen. Mitt Romney voted in ⁢favor of the aid package,⁣ while Sen. Mike ⁣Lee opposed it. The ‍House, ⁣however, ⁤went on a two-week recess without casting their votes on the‌ package.

We’re striving to raise awareness ‌about the crucial role this aid plays in Ukraine’s survival,” Newmerzhycky emphasized.

As the conflict enters its third year, supporters are holding⁣ onto ‌hope for Ukraine’s freedom. “Ukrainians ‍are ‍fighting for their freedom,” Herrod ⁣reiterated.

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