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Expectations Rise for a ‘Significant Surge’ in Spring Break Travel


As we edge closer to spring break, it seems that the travel bug has‍ bitten Americans harder than‌ ever before.

According to the ⁢AAA organization, there’s been a “substantial surge” in⁤ the demand​ for flights and cruises in anticipation⁢ of the​ spring ‍break season. Popular ‍destinations ⁤include sun-soaked states such as Arizona, California, Florida, and Nevada. However, there’s also been a noteworthy‍ 20% increase in international ‍travel compared ‌to ‍last year,‌ with a particular uptick in trips to Europe, in addition to the usual‌ spring break hotspots like⁤ Mexico.

Furthermore, the organization has noted a 28% increase in⁢ cruises scheduled for March and April. Cruises setting sail from the sunny​ shores of southern Florida have seen a ‍whopping 60% increase from ⁤the previous‌ year.

“We’re⁢ anticipating a ⁢vibrant mix of⁣ travelers,‍ ranging⁣ from meticulous planners ⁤to spontaneous adventurers,”‍ commented Julian Paredes, a spokesperson​ for​ AAA Utah.

Spring break​ kicks ⁤off⁣ as early as next week for some Utah college campuses, before extending to ⁤Utah’s ‌K-12 schools in late March and early⁤ April. AAA⁤ advises⁢ those planning to travel to prepare well in advance for⁢ their trip,⁤ which may include ensuring their vehicle‍ is road ⁣trip-ready.

The ‍travel forecast seems to be in line with the⁤ significant ​strides made in ⁣Utah’s travel industry last year. For example, Salt Lake City International Airport not ‍only surpassed pre-COVID-19 pandemic⁢ levels but also⁣ set a new ⁢record with ​26.96⁢ million‍ passengers in 2023. ⁢Provo Airport also broke records, ‌with passenger‍ loads ‌exceeding 1 ‍million,⁣ a ⁤milestone reached⁣ about a decade earlier than‍ initially expected.

However, this​ surge ‍in travel may coincide with⁤ a potential increase in gas prices‌ this summer.⁢ AAA reported last week that the national ‍average remained‍ stable after a sudden spike, possibly linked to ​issues at a major Indiana refinery that have since been‌ resolved. Andrew ⁢Gross, the organization’s national spokesperson, ⁢warned⁢ that a “seasonal ​rise ​in gas prices is on ‍the horizon” as the ⁤weather starts ⁣to warm up.

Gas prices⁣ typically peak ‌in⁣ the⁢ summer due to various factors,‍ including demand and the cost of producing the ⁣summer blend of gasoline.

While Utah’s average gas price⁢ remains below the national average, it has begun to climb ⁤in recent‌ weeks‌ as spring and summer draw nearer. A gallon of ⁣regular⁢ gas in ⁣Utah currently costs around $3.04, approximately 22 cents below ⁣the national average, as ⁢per AAA.⁣ Just ‌last week, Utah’s average price was ​$2.95,⁢ and ​$2.65 ‍last month.

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