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Interfaith Concert in Manila Draws Thousands, Features Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square


In the heart of ⁢MANILA, Philippines, a historic Catholic University was ‌abuzz with excitement as⁢ thousands of⁤ Filipinos gathered to witness an interfaith concert by⁢ the renowned Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square.

The⁣ choir, currently on a global tour, chose ‍the⁣ Philippines as their second destination. The concert took place⁣ within the hallowed walls of the University ⁢of ​Santo Tomas Arena,⁣ drawing ​a crowd of over 4,000⁣ enthusiastic attendees.

L. Whitney Clayton, the first counselor in the​ choir presidency, was​ moved by⁤ the atmosphere. “The room was filled with⁣ a magical aura,” he said. “There was ⁢a profound‌ spiritual sensitivity that was palpable. It was evident that the Filipino ​people were deeply touched⁣ by the event.”

The concert⁤ was graced by ⁢leaders from various‍ faiths, including ⁤Cardinal Jose F.‍ Advincula, a ⁣prominent‌ figure in the ‍Catholic Church.

He spoke about the ⁢power of music, saying, “The melodies and ​harmonies express⁢ the hope that is essential ⁢for our survival in this ‌world. We are all siblings ⁤under⁤ one divine parent.”

The audience was⁤ thrilled and filled with awe when the ⁣choir performed⁢ in Tagalog, their native language. The cheers and applause were deafening.

The choir is scheduled to perform two ⁢more concerts ⁣on the upcoming Tuesday⁢ and Wednesday. These ⁤performances ⁢will take place at the Mall of Asia, a venue that can accommodate up to ⁤9,000 spectators.

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